Merchants of Ultimo

There’s nothing like lunch at Broadway’s Merchants of Ultimo to prepare me for a long day of uni.

Located at the entrance of the Broadway Shopping Centre on the Bay Street side, Merchants of Ultimo is everything you might want from a restaurant. No wonder it’s been called “a food court for foodies” by The Urban List Sydney. At the door, the cakes on display in its colourful bakery lure you in, but it’s a look at the menu that will want to make you stay.

Merchants of Ultimo takes the boring yet useful (if you’re always on a diet like me) concept of ‘make your own salad’ to the next level. Costing between $9 and $13, the salad options allow you to choose your own greens, grains, five vegetables and various toppings, including a yummy char-grilled chicken for all the fitspos out there.

My favourite Merchants of Ultimo meal however is made of mainly fruit. Their $8 fruit salad is not only Instagram-worthy, it’s also incredibly fresh, healthy and it feels as much as a treat as any other cake. The salad is an explosion of colour and it includes a whole mango, peaches, passion fruit, strawberries, blueberries, apples and figs and it’s topped up with dairy-free coconut yoghurt.

I like to have it with one of Merchants of Ultimo’s indulgent smoothies, like the date and banana based salted caramel smoothie or the iced green tea smoothie. However, if you’re after something less heavy, try the “Stress Reliever” juice, full of veggie and minty goodness.

Not a diet freak? Fear not. Aside from my favourite salads and smoothies, The Merchants of Ultimo is made up of the following restaurants:

  • Pizza Mario, pizza worthy of any true Italian pizza chef
  • Leave It To B bakery made by Ex-Rockpool pastry apprentice Brendan Dewar
  • Nero’s Brew coffee, made with Single O roasts
  • Henry’s Block, panini made with slow-cooked rotisserie meats

Still wondering why it’s the best spot to chill just before delving into criminal law? You obviously still haven’t been there.

Picture: Carolina Are, Instagram


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