Briefs: Close Encounters at Leicester Square Christmas

Feeling like you are bloody tired of our world? Trust me, I’ve been there. Which is why I’ve nursed my Earth escapism with a visit to Briefs: Close Encounters, the most dragtastic boylesque show you NEED in your life right now. It’s at Leicester Square Christmas’ Spiegeltent, and here’s why you have to go. Now. … More Briefs: Close Encounters at Leicester Square Christmas


Silent Night at sketch London

There are many ways to start your morning. I usually start mine with a pole session, reading academic journals for my PhD or going to work. This morning however I was among the first Londoners that got to see sketch London‘s Christmas light installation to kick off the holiday season, and as you’ll see if you … More Silent Night at sketch London

Skylight London Winter Launch

I’m typing this amidst the symptoms of a hangover, and the drinks I’ve had at Skylight London‘s winter relaunch (read: three, over several hours #Caro2Sips) are to blame. I could just go and get a bagel instead, but I’d rather get all my fact straight about what was the best rooftop experience I can remember. … More Skylight London Winter Launch

My Quick Guide To Naples

Now that I’m far away from Italy’s beautiful, boiling summer, the timing seems perfect for a little nostalgia. This blog post is my very own guide to Naples, to help you find something to do, eat and drink in this gorgeous city over a quick weekend break. Street Art When I travel with my parents, … More My Quick Guide To Naples