Travel Nostalgia

Sometimes, when I close my eyes, I can still see myself walking uphill, leaving the Sunset District in San Francisco, on a warm November morning after a walk on Ocean Beach. That was my very last day of my two-month USA solo trip, before going back to post-graduation job hunting. Fast forward almost five years … More Travel Nostalgia


My 2016 was all over the place

In Italian we have a saying stating that whatever you do for New Year’s, you’re going to do it for the entire year. Call it superstition, but for me it has really been true. Here’s a balance of my 2016 in travel and (if you care) in life. I caught the travel bug at birth, … More My 2016 was all over the place

Going out in Havana

In Havana, eating real quality Cuban food doesn’t always mean going out. You can do so by staying in at your casa particular for less than 8 CUC per meal. If however you’d rather see what’s around the Capital, here’s what to try. 1) Breakfast The Cuban “desayuno” is generally made of juices, café bombon … More Going out in Havana