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Beard Somerset House exhibition

Entering Somerset House last weekend was surreal. It was almost as though the entire male population of East London had decided to venture West to celebrate itself and one of its most recognisable trade-marks: the beard. Somerset House’s Beard exhibition displays over 80 images shot…

Views of Williamsburg, New York’s Shoreditch

Williamsburg has been defined as New York’s equivalent of London’s Shoreditch. A mixture between industrial areas and up-and-coming bars, between shady corners and sketchy street art, Williamsburg hosts New York’s hipster community.

Life in Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY

If Williamsburg is New York’s Shoreditch, Park Slope can be its Dalston. Still not completely gentrified, Park Slope, Brooklyn, is still a mix between quirky cafés selling kale smoothies and buildings that are falling apart; between bearded and tattooed hipsters…