Favourite Sydney Places: Newtown

My guide to Newtown/Hiptown, where my office and my heart are. … More Favourite Sydney Places: Newtown


Beard Somerset House exhibition

Entering Somerset House last weekend was surreal. It was almost as though the entire male population of East London had decided to venture West to celebrate itself and one of its most recognisable trade-marks: the beard. Somerset House’s Beard exhibition displays over 80 images shot by Mr Elbank in which all of the subjects sport a beard. Beard celebrates facial hair … More Beard Somerset House exhibition

The East London Christmas Village: Winterville

If it’s even possible, this Christmas Londoners have more options to choose from as to where to spend the weeks leading up to the big day than last year. If you’re looking for a slightly less touristy, more East London version of Winter Wonderland, you’ll like Winterville in Victoria Park.  The entrance to East London’s own … More The East London Christmas Village: Winterville

San Diego, the hipster city with a Mexican twist

San Diego is the place to be. Perfect weather, a colourful foodie and bar scene and loads of friendly hipsters all blend in a mix of Southern hospitality and a Mexican feel. Read on to find out which spots to hit in one of America’s sunniest cities. San Diego is only a 15 minute drive … More San Diego, the hipster city with a Mexican twist

Life in Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY

If Williamsburg is New York’s Shoreditch, Park Slope can be its Dalston. Still not completely gentrified, Park Slope, Brooklyn, is still a mix between quirky cafés selling kale smoothies and buildings that are falling apart; between bearded and tattooed hipsters and dodgy-looking tramps; between sketchy youngsters and families. Life here seems cosy, artsy and healthy. … More Life in Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY