Flowetic VIP Event Review

On Monday, I went to Flowetic‘s VIP event and I was introduced to the world of dance fitness. Here’s what I thought of it. Flowetic Flowetic is a fitness class combining dance, toning and strengthening exercises alongside stretching and relaxation. Using flowy music, the class is split in two parts: the first one mixes different … More Flowetic VIP Event Review


Merchants of Ultimo

There’s nothing like lunch at Broadway’s Merchants of Ultimo to prepare me for a long day of uni. Located at the entrance of the Broadway Shopping Centre on the Bay Street side, Merchants of Ultimo is everything you might want from a restaurant. No wonder it’s been called “a food court for foodies” by The … More Merchants of Ultimo

The Alice House: the cutest spot for weekend breakfast

I’m not a fan of travelling too much for food, but if there’s a place you should be eating in outside the most popular food hubs, that’s The Alice House in Queen’s Park. Here’s why this cosy and cute Kilburn breakfast spot, only a few stops from Oxford Circus, is the ultimate weekend breakfast destination. The … More The Alice House: the cutest spot for weekend breakfast