Scrivere in Italiano

Ho aggiunto al mio blog una categoria chiamata “Italiano”, perché sono italiana e ho deciso che è arrivato il momento di utilizzare questo blog per scrivere anche nella mia lingua. Beccatevi ‘sto monologo. Italiano vs Inglese Spesso mi viene chiesto perché, da studentessa italiana del liceo classico, ho deciso di mollare tutto, mollare l’Italia e … More Scrivere in Italiano

Why I admire Couchsurfing Hosts

When you work 9 to 6 in a metropolis, having random travellers crash on your couch might not be your ideal of a relaxed evening. Yet, Couchsurfing hosts in over 10 USA cities were willing to put me up – and take me out – for more than a night, showing a kindness and a sense … More Why I admire Couchsurfing Hosts

How to travel across the USA on a budget – plane, bus or train?

The United States is a huge country – so how can you go from one place to the other on a low budget? It’s fair to say that, during my two-month Couchsurfing trip all across the USA, travelling from one city to the other was what I spent most money on. More often than not I was covering … More How to travel across the USA on a budget – plane, bus or train?

The joys of Couchsurfing

I’ve just started Couchsurfing and I’m already loving it. Here’s an update on my impressions on the Couchsurfing community. My host, Laura, lives in the perfect place: close to both the beautiful Georgetown historical district and the main Washington sights, she allowed me all the freedom I needed to visit the city while making time … More The joys of Couchsurfing