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  • A feminist internet would be better for everyone – MIT Tech Review
  • Instagram keeps banning sex-positive and kink accounts – Dazed
  • Instagram Is Removing Sex-Positive Accounts Without Warning – Wired
  • What if the internet was run by women? – BBC Future
  • This pole dancer is challenging censorship on social media with her research – Brut Media
  • Shock horror: AI is over-sexualising and censoring women’s bodies – Cosmopolitan UK
  • Comment Meta est devenu le symbole de la censure du corps féminin en ligne – Le Monde
  • How to Start Fixing Social Media – OneZero
  • Ads for Explicit ‘AI Girlfriends’ Are Swarming Facebook and Instagram – Wired
  • After six days, Instagram reverses its ban on dozens of kink and sex-positive creators – Fast Company
  • Tackling the impossible problem of content moderation – The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET)
  • Who shouldn’t get verified on Instagram – Mashable
  • Twitter rival Bluesky has a nudes problem – Wired
  • ‘What Does Seggs Mean?’ The Rise of Sex Euphemisms on Social Media – Vice
  • TikTok announced new tools to address the ‘unkind’ comments that plague the platform, but an online researcher says the changes don’t address core problems – Insider
  • Adult content creators in the lurch as OnlyFans bans porn – Politico EU
  • Facebook’s free speech myth is dead – and regulators should take notice – The Conversation
  • Facebook versus the BMJ: when fact checking goes wrong – British Medical Journal
  • Close Friends isn’t as close as you may think – Mashable
  • Content moderation experts: Elon Musk is going about policing hate speech on Twitter all wrong – FastCompany
  • The rise of the meta ‘fake celebrity’ on TikTok – Dazed
  • TikTok’s Boob-Flashing Trend Is A Content Moderation Nightmare – BuzzFeed News
  • All Porn Is Exploitation, UK Inquiry Concludes Without Speaking to Any Sex Workers – Vice World News
  • Young landlord TikTok is here and it’s truly as grim as it sounds – I-D
  • Transgender TikTok creators say the app’s mysterious ‘For You’ page is a breeding ground for transphobia and targeted harassment – Insider
  • Instagram, nudes and Tommy Lee: Why the feminist shadow-banning fight is far from over – The i
  • TikTok thinks periods are icky – Input
  • Instagram users warned to ‘be careful’ when posting racy pics to Close Friends list – The Daily Star
  • TikTok Has an Incel Problem – Vice World News
  • Sensual ASMR has boomed on YouTube — but creators are facing a crackdown – The Verge
  • Parler should be taken seriously as a hotbed of extremism and conspiracy theories, a new study shows – Insider
  • Sex Workers, Performers Invited to Participate in Platform Discrimination Study – XBIZ
  • Is TikTok Censoring Pro-Abortion Content? – Refinery29
  • RuPaul’s Drag Race is inventing a whole new internet subculture and language – The Conversation
  • Will Twitter Really Be Next to Purge NSFW Content? – Lustery POV
  • Inside the murky world of social media moderation – The Skinny
  • Amber Heard, others blast Instagram for inaction on abusive DMs – Input
  • Gli strip club aumentano la violenza sulle donne?! Questo è assurdo e vi spieghiamo perché – Cosmopolitan Italia
  • The UK’s porn age verification plan is a terrible idea – Mashable UK
  • Expert Talk: Die Pole-Tänzerin, die an sich selber über Online-Zensur forscht –
  • Censorship vs Moderation: talks with Dr Carolina Are – Voice Mag
  • Why Gen Z loves ugly selfies- Mashable
  • A guide to shadowbanning – Charity Digital
  • Will Meta Finally Lift Its Female Nipple Ban? – Hyperallergenic
  • Why Meta freeing the nipple would be good for advertisers – The Drum
  • Censored – Gashtrays Newsletter
  • Um céu azul pelo pássaro azul? A Bluesky quer competir com o Twitter, mas ainda é “mais pequena do que muitas cidades” – Observador
  • Ora gli utenti di Instagram possono verificare se i propri post vengono nascosti – Giornalettismo
  • The ‘Mommy Goddess’ and the Mass Reporting of Sex Workers on Instagram – Jezebel
  • Instagram continua ad avere problemi a gestire i contenuti sessualmente espliciti – Il Post
  • Sex educators are hitting back at Instagram following bans – Cosmopolitan UK
  • How are fighting back against de-platforming – Huck Magazine
  • Sex workers worry that Threads could kill their business – Fast Company
  • ‘Deletion has broken us’: how London’s kink scene is taking on Meta – Evening Standard
  • What exactly is sex workers’ beef with Meta? – I-D
  • Ads for AI sex workers are flooding Instagram and TikTok – NBC News
  • Is Instagram shadowbanning LGBTQ and sex ed accounts? – Mashable
  • I Watched Porn In A Room Full Of People. Here’s What I Learnt – Huffington Post UK
  • Instagram e gli “shadow ban” su Israele e Palestina – Il Post
  • Sexicon: The new language of sex – Sensuali
  • Speaking Freely: Dr Carolina Are – Electronic Frontier Foundation
  • The explicit AI-created images of Taylor Swift flooding the internet highlight a major problem with generative AI – Fast Company
  • The Taylor Swift deepfake debacle was frustratingly preventable – TechCrunch
  • The Taylor Swift deepfake debacle was frustratingly preventable – Yahoo! News
  • Facebook at 20: Former staff lift lid on what Zuckerberg got right… and wrong – The i Paper
  • Inside the deep, dark world of influencer gossip forums – Mashable
  • Dans le monde profond et sombre des forums de potins d’influenceurs – Indigo Buzz France
  • TikTokers are enthusiastically joining the app’s call to wage war on Congress over a potential ban – Business Insider
  • Meta’s push to build one AI model to power videos across platforms could be an oversight nightmare, experts warn – FastCompany

Online censorship

  • Celebrity photographer Rankin unveils exhibition featuring images that have been ‘unfairly’ censored on social media – The Daily Mail
  • Pole dancing instructor and trans activist say Instagram censored their posts while failing to act on racism – The i
  • Why is Instagram deleting the accounts of hundreds of porn stars? – The BBC (also in Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish etc.)
  • Instagram’s CEO Says Shadow Banning ‘Is Not A Thing.’ That’s Not True – The Huffington Post
  • Meet the Unseen: The project re-platforming creators who have been censored on Instagram – Hunger
  • Instagram apologizes to pole dancers after hiding their posts – CTV News Canada
  • The Future of Porn Is on Indie Social Media – OneZero
  • Influencers abandon TikTok Shop in latest blow to UK e-commerce venture – Financial Times
  • Pole dancer says Instagram is censoring ‘dirty and inappropriate’ photos: Our community is ‘under attack’ – Yahoo! Life
  • Instagram Apologized To Canadian Pole Dancers For Reportedly Blocking Their Content – Narcity
  • Unfair Instagram moderation of women’s bodies highlighted in a new exhibit – The Daily Dot
  • L’ennesima trovata di Instagram per punire sex worker, artisti e attivisti – Wired Italia
  • 1,300 adult performers accuse Instagram of unfairly deleting their accounts – The Next Web
  • Instagram’s Shadow Ban On Vaguely ‘Inappropriate’ Content Is Plainly Sexist – The Huffington Post
  • TikTok influencers say they’re leaving its UK shopping platform over lack of payment and poor-quality products – The i
  • Check out an online art exhibit of the censored and shadowbanned – Input
  • TikTok Embraces The Dark Side to Shadow Ban Pole Dancers –
  • Rankin Creative & Quantus Gallery launch exhibition spotlighting unfair censorship – London Daily News
  • Rankin Creative Launches Exhibition to Platform Those Unfairly Censored on Social Media – Little Black Book

Pole dancing

  • ‘Fitness’, culos e historias de Instagram: así se sexualiza el deporte en redes sociales – El Pais
  • Pole Dancing’s Heritage Deserves To Be Respected, Not Sanitised – Glorious Sport
  • Your first pole dancing class: what to expect and how to prepare – Pole Junkie
  • Jennifer Lopez, 50, praised by professional pole dancers after she shows off moves in new video – Yahoo! Life
  • Women reveal surprising ways pole dancing has changed their lives – Daily Star
  • Pole dancing taught me to love and value myself – MetroUK
  • ‘I’m starting 2020 fitter & sexier with a dancing pole installed in my home’ – The Sun
  • Is pole dance suddenly so inappropriate that it should be banned on social media? – PoledancerKA
  • BLACKSTAGE TALKS: Breaking Moulds – London Daily News
  • ‘Blackstage Talks: Breaking Moulds’: in-person event at The Common Press to discuss issues facing the pole dancing industry and how to do better as a community – Scene

Profile pieces

  • Criminologa, scrittrice, pole dancer: 50 sfumature di un’italiana – La Repubblica
  • Sister Meets…Blogger On Pole – Sister Magazine
  • Storia di Carolina: da Olbia a Londra tra criminologia e pole dance –

Podcasts and radio

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Should we ban certain pornography sites? – Newstalk Ireland

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