House poles for dummies

There comes a time in every pole dancer’s life in which you ask yourself the question: do I put up a pole in my house? If your answer is yes, read below for my house poles for dummies guide – and believe me, I was a dummy. If you’re reading this, you’ve probably thought: “Right, … More House poles for dummies


Flowetic VIP Event Review

On Monday, I went to Flowetic‘s VIP event and I was introduced to the world of dance fitness. Here’s what I thought of it. Flowetic Flowetic is a fitness class combining dance, toning and strengthening exercises alongside stretching and relaxation. Using flowy music, the class is split in two parts: the first one mixes different … More Flowetic VIP Event Review

My anxiety diagnosis

A few things happened this week that helped me reflect on my anxiety diagnosis. So naturally, in pure millennial fashion, I’m gonna post my mindfucks on social media. The great thing about having your own blog is that you can justify writing just about anything. Had interesting thoughts while smoking weed? BLOG POST. Bought cool … More My anxiety diagnosis

10 Things You Only Hear At A Pole Dance Class

Pole dancing is a fun, sexy, challenging sport that has changed my life. It can also be awkward as fuck. I never had to hold people’s hips with my face close to their butt to ensure they didn’t fall and break their neck before. So naturally, a pole dance class can result in some interesting … More 10 Things You Only Hear At A Pole Dance Class

So I Published A Novel

So I went and self-published my novel, Bad/Tender. In this post, I give you a behind-the-scenes sneak-peek of how and why I did it. Bad/Tender Bad/Tender is a coming-of-age literary novel focusing on an abusive relationship, written before #MeToo but appropriate for our times. The story touches upon consent, rape, mental illness, immigration, social and professional uncertainty … More So I Published A Novel

Interview with Chair and Lap Queen Emma Obayuvana

If you follow me on Instagram you know that my Thursdays and Fridays don’t mean a cheeky pint at the pub. They mean #thirstythursday and #pdfilthyfriday in Emma Obayuvana‘s chair and lap dance classes. I interviewed London Dance Academy’s chair and lap queen for your eyes only. If you’ve never been to Emma’s classes, I … More Interview with Chair and Lap Queen Emma Obayuvana

Top sexy fitness classes in London

Since I’ve become a pole dancer, people keep asking me: “How do you get the moves?” Let’s be real: I don’t have the moves. Never had them. I learnt the moves. Here’s how you can learn the moves, in some of London’s sexiest dance classes. So get ready for sexy fitness classes – the Blogger On Pole edition. … More Top sexy fitness classes in London

Persepolis Pole Project

Last week, on International Women’s Day, I went to an unusual panel where pole dancers and researchers talked about being a woman in Islington. The panel launched the Persepolis Pole Project, a female-led arts and cultural pole dance project fusing modern pole dance artistry into traditional theatrical entertainment. I spoke to its founder, Ayana Setareh, to … More Persepolis Pole Project