Since I first started this blog, I have taken up teaching pole dance, twerk and lap dance through studio teaching, workshops and online and offline private classes. I have also started teaching at university as part of my PhD and led a variety of workshops on internet criminology stuff. This page will be all about that – so that you can come to my classes, workshops or book me if you want me to teach you something that doesn’t involve using scissors or tying your shoelaces properly, because I still haven’t how to do either learned either.

Pole Dance Teaching

I am a pole dance instructor based at Exotica Pole Dance School in Hackney Wick. There, I teach pole tricks for beginners, for intermediate pole dancers and exotic pole.

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🎉 Really exciting announcement ahead 🎉 🇬🇧 From next Friday onwards my dream of becoming a #poledance #instructor will finally come true! I’ll be teaching 3 weekly classes every Friday at @exoticapoledance in Hackney Wick – Beginner/Never tried (6-7pm), Exotic (7.15-8.15) and Beginner/Intermediate (8.15-9.15) – so if you’ve ever DM’d me/ asked me if I teach pole now you know where to go 🙂 When I decided to start my #PhD I knew I wanted to take advantage of a more flexible lifestyle to work my ass off (literally) and become a better #poledancer, perform more and hopefully teach. After only three years of #poledancing and only two of PhDing, I honestly feel so blessed to see this dream come true. Pole has been so crucial to my healing, mental health and to giving me confidence that I hope I will be able to share at least a bit of that power with my students ✨ Special thanks go to Veronica, owner of Exotica Pole Dance, for taking me under her wing and training me 🙂 this pic was taken by @black_hooded_rat and this is the move I couldn’t do yesterday at EG because my shoulder was hurting lol / 🇮🇹: Bella ragà sono ufficialmente un’istruttrice di pole dance ditelo alle vostre amiche, mamme, nonne e anche agli amici che gli uomini coi tacchi sono i miei preferiti 😘 diventare un’istruttrice di pole e fare più esibizioni erano alcuni dei miei obiettivi principali quando ho iniziato la vita più flessibile e impegnativa da dottoranda in criminologia. La padrona di questo studio di pole mi ha addestrata e non mi sembra vero di poter iniziare a insegnare e realizzare questo sogno! Fare pole mi ha aiutato tantissimo a combattere l’ansia e la depressione e a trovare fiducia in me stessa, e spero di poter condividere il potere di questo sport coi miei studenti 💕💪🏼

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Veronica, the owner of the school, approached me and trained me to become an instructor. So if you’ve read this blog and have wanted to try pole, or if you’ve ever messaged me asking to learn from me, this is the place!

I’m a Twerk Technician certified instructor, having learnt the origins of twerk and the different styles and techniques from trainers behind the certification created by the World Famous Vertical Joe Fitness in Atlanta.

I’m also available for online and offline private classes and workshops teaching:

  • Pole tricks
  • Exotic pole
  • Twerk
  • Lap dance
  • Floorwork
  • Helping with showcase / competition routines (either through direct choreographing or for advice)

Email bloggeronpole@gmail.com for rates and more info.

Dance Workshops

I’ve taught both lap dance and twerk sold-out workshops with Killing Kittens. I’ve been very lucky to learn both lap dance and twerk from some of the best instructors out there – people that have worked in clubs or the amazing Chanelle from Twerkology Nation, who spends a lot of time not only teaching twerk, but also educating people about the culture and the origins of this type of dance.

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I carry what I’ve been taught with me and I do my best to share that knowledge in a fun, chill environment.

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Academic / Activist Workshops

Aside from teaching criminology and journalism at a couple of London universities, I’ve got an exciting event coming up in the new year focusing on algorithm bias and Instagram censorship. Below are some examples of my speeches in a more academic setting.