Since I first started this blog, I have taken up teaching pole dance, twerk and chair dance through studio teaching, workshops, online and offline private classes and online tutorials. I have also started teaching at university and led a variety of workshops on Internet criminology and platform governance stuff. This page will be all about that – so that you can come to my classes, workshops or book me if you want me to teach you something that doesn’t involve using scissors or tying your shoelaces properly, because I still haven’t how to do either.

Dance teaching qualifications

I am an online and offline London-based XPert and Pole Teacher Training certified pole dance instructor. I teach pole tricks for beginner and for intermediate pole dancers as well as pole choreographies. I’m also a Twerk Technician certified instructor, having learnt the origins of twerk and the different styles and techniques from trainers behind the certification created by the world-famous Vertical Joe Fitness in Atlanta.

Where I am based: Offline studio teaching

My home studio has been Akila Pole Studio in Brixton, London, since September 2021. Here, I have been teaching intermediate pole tricks and pole choreography. As my academic commitments and travel have increased, I have now taken a step back from teaching my regular Tuesday classes and mainly teach workshops. at Akila’s, so keep an eye out for my next ones!

I started my teaching journey at Exotica Pole Dance in 2019, where I taught beginner and intermediate pole as well as choreography. I left Exotica in April 2021, as I was still uncertain about teaching offline when London had just begun to reopen.

Workshop and talk offering

I have taught chair dance, twerk, pole and floorwork sold-out workshops for a variety of events, such as Killing Kittens, London-based event companies and pole dance societies in British universities.

I specialise in heavy metal, rock n’roll and themed dance workshops, where I create pole, chair or floor choreographies to the music I love. I brought these to events such as the Pole Weekender in the form of workshops and seminars, and to a variety of national and international pole and dance studios. Find my workshop and talk offering in the menu below (swipe right for info).

BoP Teaching Options by Carolina Are

Online teaching

Throughout the pandemic, I moved from regular online group classes to workshops, one-to-ones and less frequent classes in order to manage my increasing academic, blogging and speaking commitments.

Picture by Mark Flack for X-Pole

I teach:

  • Pole tricks
  • Pole choreography
  • Twerk
  • Chair dance
  • Floorwork
  • Helping with showcase / competition routines (either through direct choreographing or for advice)

I tend to upload my tutorials and online workshops to my Buy Me A Coffee page here, so if you’d like to purchase them AND support me you know where to go 🙂

Email bloggeronpole@gmail.com for rates and more info.

Picture by: @vmilus

Dance Teaching Testimonials

Some lovely messages and teaching testimonials written by my students and published with their consent.

Picture by Mark Flack for X-Pole

“I took Carolina’s twerk class and just instantly dropped her a message because it was absolutely AMAZING. After wanting to try twerk for a while and following her on Insta, because she is a super talented dancer and all around awesome person, I decided to try it out. I was really hesitant but she instantly made me feel super confident and at ease. She is an awesome teacher and such and inspiration. I am eternally thankful for the class. It brought a smile to my face and made my day so so much better. It was a privilege.”


“Carolina’s Black Metal Pole workshop was just the right level of  complexity in terms of being a decent workout and learning new tricks whilst still being able to record a solid run through to stick on Instagram. […] there is a distinct lack of heavy metal in the pole dancing world ( or so I thought) however it would appear that the tide is beginning to turn!” 

Chrome Chronicles Pole Blog Review

“I’m very grateful for the lessons I’ve had with Carolina. She’s an amazing teacher! I enjoy every session and always leave feeling great even if I haven’t got the moves that time lol 💗”


I absolutely love doing private zoom classes with Carolina. Doing them makes WFH so much better when I have a pole session on my lunch break! I also love learning Carolina’s routines, they are super fun, sassy and are the right level of difficulty or me. I always come away from our classes feeling more confident and sexy!


I have been coached by Carolina for around 6 months. We have been doing one-to-one sessions via Zoom to work on tricks and combos. When I started I was a complete beginner in November, and Carolina has progressed me so fast to the point where I can do advanced moves. I can’t believe how quick the progression has been. Carolina is really amazing at explaining things in a way which is easy to understand. She makes such an effort to always teach me new combos and moves for me to learn. Everything she’s given me has been exactly the right amount of challenging meeting me perfectly at the level I am. She’s so encouraging and patient. I basically couldn’t have asked for anything more. It’s been the best money I have spent and would highly recommend.


Get in touch

If you’d like to host me for a dance workshop, a seminar or a research talk, email me at bloggeronpole@gmail.com and my agent helena@lovermanagement.com to chat rates and expectations.

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