Performances, Events and Judging

Under the stage name Carolina Hades, I perform at pole shows, competitions and events. This page is where I showcase all the videos from my performances. Find my showreel, filmed by Zeta Spyraki and showcasing my signature style, below.

Hades is the Greek god of the Underworld and, eventually, his name was identified with the home of the dead as well. I chose it as a stage name because I studied Latin and Ancient Greek for five years, and as a criminologist, metal fan and lover of everything dark, I’m a creep through and through. In Italian, Hades (Ade) almost sounds like my real surname (Are) – and I often got called Hades at school instead of my actual surname by mistake!

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Being Hades allows me to be dark and sexy or to be silly, and to portray all my different shades of my personality when I perform.

I am available to dance at events, parties, christenings and your toddler’s birthday. JK. Or not. Like, if you pay me, I’ll be there. If you’d like me to perform somewhere, or judge, or speak, contact: and my agent


I am available for judging awards, competitions and performances, having judged the Southern Pole Championships and The Pole Weekender, as well as the Sexual Freedom Awards, together with some upcoming award ceremonies for charities and different organisations throughout the year.


Aside from teaching pole, performing and teaching criminology and journalism at university, I’ve been giving talks and keynotes and teaching seminars, lectures and webinars on issues such as online abuse, conspiracy theories, algorithm bias, social media censorship and online moderation for universities, brands, charities and other organisations. Some examples below.

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