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Welcome to Blogger On Pole. I’m always open to hearing about new writing and social media collaboration opportunities so drop me an email at bloggeronpole@gmail.com (cc’ing my agent helena@lovermanagement.com in) to see how we can work together. 

Brands I’ve worked with

If you are going to get in touch with me however, be nice and have a read below to find out what I like and what I don’t like when it comes to my writing and social media collaborations.

Pet Peeves

My name

If you are going to email me, make sure you’ve spelled my name right. It’s CarolinA, not Caroline, Carloina (it happens), Carolyn, or whatevz. I’m Italian, so my name is not pronounced like North or South Carolina, but “Car-oh-leena”. If you get it right, I will like you more. But you won’t get a cookie.

I’ve also recently become a Doctor so if you wanna send me freebies, a Dr. in my title is always welcome (because I worked my ass off for my PhD lol).

Things I Cover Through Writing and Social Media

Here’s how to get covered on this blog / on my social media.


Disclaimer: I’m a pole dance and twerk performer and instructor, but I like trying out other sports.

I’m often game to review most exercise classes and extreme sports (if you are a sky-diving company HELLO PLEASE LIKE ME ‘CAUSE I’M DYING TO DO IT), however my friends are not so I will have to annoy the trainer and ask him/her/they to take a lot of pictures of me on the day for this blog and socials. Ye be warned.

Wellbeing & Sexy Stuff

I am an affiliate for a sex toy brand and I do love a sex toy review. I also love to try new therapies, massages and so on. What I do not like is telling other people what they should or shouldn’t eat to get skinny, so no, your diet product isn’t invited to the party.

Picture by: Mark Flack for X-Pole


Although I work out from 10 to 15 hours a week, I’m not one of those #cleaneating #vegan #healthylifestyle type people. I’m Italian. Take pizza, pasta, gelato and cheese out of my diet and I might as well give you my soul. So I do enjoy trying pretty much everything – including comfort food once or twice a week. If you’re a healthy/vegan/gluten free restaurant/café/product, I’m still keen to review you, especially during the week, ’cause if I live off pasta and pizza everyday I can say goodbye to my already shy six-pack.


I’ve given up on cocktails because 1) my nickname at work was Caro 2 Sips for how low my alcohol tolerance is 2) I find them way too sweet and I often get sick when I drink them, even when I have just one. For this reason, my drinks of choice at the moment are wine, beer and Champagne/Prosecco, preferably just a couple of glasses of either of those once or twice a week (weekends are better). However, if a cocktail bar with a unique concept and a good choice of mocktails opens up I will review it. Especially if it has secret rooms. In fact, if it has secret rooms I’ve probably been there already.


As someone with a lot of work and training commitments, there’s only so much unsubsidised travel I can be doing. So if your event is outside of my area (which is currently London and Italy every couple of months), I won’t be able to go there without a media freebie, which I will have to disclose but I will still review honestly… and most likely love it. Who doesn’t like free travel – provided I can plan in advance according to all my other commitments?


Due to my tomboy metalhead past, present and future I tend to feel really awkward about taking diva pictures and talk about fashion, so I do it in my own whacky awks sort of way. This means that I might post outfits on my Instagram or as part of a longer review. I don’t feel qualified to talk about cuts, seams or really fashiony stuff, but I do love clothes and I do enjoy showing them off. If you’re looking for a blogger who writes 2,000 words on a pair of shoes, that ain’t me. Soz. Most likely, I’m going to try and say why stripper shoes are great to crush the patriarchy. So expect some sort of sociological fashion review – if you can be arsed to read it, then yay! We can work together.

Picture by: Mark Flack for X-Pole

Events and Launches

As mentioned, I train a lot and wear many hats so my schedule is pretty packed. Most of my pole classes are in the evening and during the week, so to come to your event/launch/whatevz I need at least a couple of weeks’ warning to plan my workout and work schedule.

I’m also what I’d like to call an awks extrovert, so even though I’m a massive show-off and I will talk to a shoe if I have to, I also need a lot of time alone and I can sometime feel very out of place in an overly social setting. So if I’ve planned a switch-off day, I might bail.


I only review stuff that I believe I would use and I am very honest about it. I will also disclose if it was gifted to me.

Things I will not review:

  • Weight loss programs / diets
  • Controversial products that might upset my audience
  • Solar panels (I keep getting press releases about them, wtf);
  • Guns;
  • Drugs;
  • Heart surgeon toolkits to showcase at conferences (whoever keeps sending me press releases about these is either high or a massive joker);

Just check this page before you contact me. It’s all pretty clear from here.

Mental Health

I have generalised anxiety and panic disorder as well as depression. YAY ME! So events where I might feel claustrophobic, or that might trigger a panic attack, are a no.

Also, my mental health is often talked about on this blog. If you hate it, fuck off.

Plus Ones

I often like to take plus ones to events because having a friend with me is a nice way of giving back, and also a good reality check for what an event/lunch/dinner/drink in a place might actually be like. However, I hardly manage to take them to exercise classes because no one’s as crazy as me about them.

Partnership Opportunities

Brand Ambassador Collabs

I’m Pole Junkie‘s brand ambassador, meaning I can’t promote any other polewear brand outside of team PJ. I am interested in brand ambassador collabs provided that they fit my brand, that they’re beneficial to me and that they don’t break my existing collaboration agreements.

Sponsored Posts & Advertising

If you are interested in promoting your products/content on this blog, please drop me an email to chat about my rates. I am happy to add sponsored links to posts, provided they are related to what I’m writing about.

Affiliate Marketing

I’m an affiliate for X-Pole poles, Self & More sex toys and Unsah Malik’s Slashed It! ebook. I’d be super happy to talk about / take on board more affiliate partnerships, provided that they fit with my brand and that they’re not competitors of the brands I’ve already mentioned.


I am open to contributing with editorial to your publication, provided it fits my brand. Drop me an email and we can chat.

Other Writing and Social Media Stuff

I write / have written for:

I have blogged for The Huffington Post UK, where I had a profile I used to ramble on about food, my twisted political views or my entertainment obsessions. For the Huff Post, I either went on a long tirade about something or wrote in a list format. Please be aware that:

  1. As I mentioned, I had a profile on the Huff Post UK blog, which meant that I could write a blog post there and the team approved it or not.
  2. I am not and have never been a paid member of staff in the Huff Post Newsroom.
  3. I posted on it as per the blogging guidelines and FAQs.
  4. I don’t write through their blog anymore cause ain’t nobody got time.


I’m one of those terribly anxious people who have zero time and panic about missing deadlines, so I tend to keep to what we agree upon. However, I have a shit ton of part-time jobs and I’m studying in a full-time degree, so I only write about things in my free time, as a hobby, because I love writing. I can’t go to all the events I see and I always have serious FOMO.

Ye be warned.

In short: wanna work with me through writing and social media collabs even if I’m kinda awks? Email me and my agent and we’ll talk.

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