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Ramblings on pole dance and all types of exercise I do, together with my personal mindfucks on mental health.

Pole dance grip that isn’t Dry Hands

Good grip is essential for any pole dance training or performance, but with the most widely used grip aid brand in the pole industry, Dry Hands, announcing they're having supply issues well... how are we gonna stick to that pole? This post rounds up pole dance grips that aren't Dry Hands to save your sweaty hands from slipping.

Le pole dancer italiane e la whorephobia

Recentemente, ho letto conversazioni tra alcune pole dancer italiane sui social media che sembravano voler distanziarsi dalle vere creatrici della pole dance moderna: le spogliarelliste. Questo distanziamento è uno dei comportamenti tipici della whorephobia, ossia il giudicare altre persone per…

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