The Pole Dancer’s Guide To Sydney

ICYMI, I spent a year and a half of my life in Sydney, Australia. I’m very happy to have moved back to London and to Europe, where my friends, family and heart are, but my time in Sydney was fun, transformative and filled with events, beautiful landscapes, amazing food… and let’s not forget, it’s the … More The Pole Dancer’s Guide To Sydney


Coco Bliss Coogee

The scenario “So where do you live?” “Who me? Oh, just at Coco Bliss Coogee,” is more accurate than you would think. Since the Queensland-born raw food and smoothie bowl start-up turned franchise Coco Bliss Collective opened up a branch on Coogee Bay Road, I have been spending my mornings trying every single bowl on … More Coco Bliss Coogee

My 2016 was all over the place

In Italian we have a saying stating that whatever you do for New Year’s, you’re going to do it for the entire year. Call it superstition, but for me it has really been true. Here’s a balance of my 2016 in travel and (if you care) in life. I caught the travel bug at birth, … More My 2016 was all over the place

The Rubens’ Gig at The Coogee Bay Hotel

Last night Aussie alt-rock band The Rubens gave the Coogee crowd a refreshing and feel-good performance at The Coogee Bay Hotel‘s historic music venue Selina. If like me before I set foot in Oz you don’t know who The Rubens are, here’s the deal. Hailing from Menagle, New South Wales, The Rubens are made up of Margin … More The Rubens’ Gig at The Coogee Bay Hotel