My 2016 was all over the place

In Italian we have a saying stating that whatever you do for New Year’s, you’re going to do it for the entire year. Call it superstition, but for me it has really been true. Here’s a balance of my 2016 in travel and (if you care) in life. I caught the travel bug at birth, … More My 2016 was all over the place


Curing the Cuban blues: Asia De Cuba brunch

I had the Cuban blues, so I went to cure them at St Martin’s Lane Hotel’s slick Asia De Cuba. Spoiler alert: it worked. Launched last September, Asia De Cuba’s signature Chino-Latino brunch gives diners the hard choice to pick either a cocktail (£48) or champagne and cocktail (£70) bottomless brunch. Devised by Cuban-born executive chef Luis Pous, … More Curing the Cuban blues: Asia De Cuba brunch

Things to see in Havana

It takes less than a few hours to fall in love with the hot mess that is Havana. Its colourful, decadent buildings are as beautiful as much as they are in shambles. Its chaos is almost relaxing. Its sounds will get you to dance from dusk till dawn. Here’s what to do to take in the … More Things to see in Havana

Going out in Havana

In Havana, eating real quality Cuban food doesn’t always mean going out. You can do so by staying in at your casa particular for less than 8 CUC per meal. If however you’d rather see what’s around the Capital, here’s what to try. 1) Breakfast The Cuban “desayuno” is generally made of juices, café bombon … More Going out in Havana