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Strip Down, Rise Up Review: Why Netflix’s “Empowering” Pole Documentary Is Pissing Off Many Pole Dancers

Strip Down, Rise Up is a Netflix documentary released this weekend, exploring the healing power of pole dancing, particularly among abuse survivors. As a pole instructor, survivor, academic and blogger I was excited about it – it had the potential…

A Survivor’s Review of Netflix’s Dirty John

The #MeToo movement has shown that everyone, from A-Listers to your neighbour, can be a victim of abuse. Which is why it was great to watch the incredibly binge-worthy Netflix show Dirty John, where a successful, well-off career woman falls for an abusive con artist and sociopath who threatens her and her family. As an abusive relationship survivor and as a writer of a novel inspired by that experience, the show gave me a lot of feels and prompted me to share my thoughts on it.
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