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Spin City Pole Bible Review

I’ve loved training as a new pole dance instructor. The ins and outs of teaching the moves I know and love are really fascinating. However, it’s always good to have some support in this new exciting but nerve-wracking (because I’m…

Fetish and Fiction

What does being a pole dancer online in the age of oversharing mean for your perception of self? For this post, I’ve decided to dig deep and share things that have hurt me and made me think about the ‘attention…

Interview With Artist Exotic Cancer

If you've been reading me/following me for a while, you probably know I get a lot of traffic through Instagram, but that I'm getting increasingly annoyed at the platform's censoring of (mostly) women, erotic artists and sex workers. After receiving what was basically a set of non-answers by Instagram, I decided to speak to artists that were actually affected by account deletion and shadowbanning - namely, the iconic Exotic Cancer.