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My Quick Guide To Naples

Now that I’m far away from Italy’s beautiful, boiling summer, the timing seems perfect for a little nostalgia. This blog post is my very own guide to Naples, to help you find something to do, eat and drink in this…

Melbourne: Fitzroy & Collingwood

As I mentioned in my previous post, I ended up booking the best Airbnb in the best location ever. Hip, weird, close to the main city area but special in its own kind, here’s what to do in Fitzroy, Melbourne’s…

My 2017 Travel Bucket List

It might be time for New Year resolutions, but I won’t be writing mine here – then I would have the Internet (and everyone who reads this blog aside from my mum) to apologise to when I stop keeping them.…

Views of Williamsburg, New York’s Shoreditch

Williamsburg has been defined as New York’s equivalent of London’s Shoreditch. A mixture between industrial areas and up-and-coming bars, between shady corners and sketchy street art, Williamsburg hosts New York’s hipster community.