Touristy views of New York

Here are some of the pictures from New York’s main sights: the Empire State Building, Grand Central Station, Broadway, Times Square, the Museum of Modern Art,Ground Zero and Lady Liberty from the free Staten Island Cruise.

Ecco alcune foto dai più important luoghi turistici di New York: l’Empire State Building, Grand Central Station, Broadway, Times Square, il Museum of Modern Art, Ground Zero e la Statua della Libertá vista dalla crociera gratis di Staten Island.







One small note on Little Italy and Chinatown. The former is now a cartoon-like imitation of Italy, with staff in restaurants that seems to be trained to use Italian as well as they can but that have very little of the actual thing in their bones.
Food, too, seems far away from the Italian standards. However, if you end up in the weeks leading up to September 19th, you will get the chance to see the picturesque San Gennaro Street Food Festival.


On the other hand, Chinatown seems more authentic, with the Chinese language spoken all over the place and yummy dishes – but that might also be because I know too little about China to judge!

Una piccola nota su Little Italy e Chinatown. La prima ormai é un’imitazione macchiettistica dell’Italia, con lo staff nei ristoranti addestrato a parlare italiano ma con ben poco dell’originale italianitá nelle vene. Anche i pasti lasciano a desiderare. Se peró capitate lí nelle settimane che precedono il 19 Settembre potrete vedere lo street food festival in onore di San Gennaro.


Chinatown invece sembra piú autentica: il cinese si sente ovunque e il cibo é eccezionale… O piú realisticamente non conosco la Cina abbastanza per giudicare!


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