Highlights of My Last Regret: a California read

While relaxing on the beaches of San Diego I decided to have a full immersion in California’s party life to get ready for my next stop – Los Angeles. And what better way to do it than reading North Morgan’s new novel? Here’s my review of “Highlights of My Last Regret.”


“Highlights of My Last Regret” is published by Limehouse Books. It’s North Morgan’s second novel after “Exit Through The Wound”.

The story follows wealthy twenty-something Parke Hudson in a series of L.A. happenings – pool parties, Coachella and bar outings – that reveal his detachment with and disinterest in the reality and relationships that surround him.

Son of an alcoholic mother and estranged father, friend of stoners, models and actors, teetotaller Parke seems to crave the L.A. lifestyle more like a voyeur who watches it from a window than like an insider.

Throughout the novel, Parke seems to attend the events he describes because he is forced to do it – be it out of love and friendship or out of the need to preserve his rich kid reputation.

His personal life revolves around the beautiful but paranoid Ryan, his girlfriend. At the same time, Parke feels trapped by her but cannot separate himself from her.

I won’t delve into the plot any longer – I can’t ruin the surprise of the marvellous and unexpected ending for you.

What I will say though is that “Highlights of My Last Regret” is an accurate satire of modern-day relationships between people who have had too much, too young, too fast.

Ultimately, “Highlights of My Last Regret” is the story of two people who enjoy emotionally torturing each other in different ways: Parke through testing Ryan on how far he can push the boundaries of their relationship, Ryan through a form of stalking.

Through “Highlights of My Last Regret” North Morgan evolves from the style of “Exit Through The Wound” by involving another major character, Ryan, in his anti-hero’s modern-day Bret Easton Ellis tale of detachment. A great read that will throw you into one of today’s unhealthiest relationships.

Picture: Limehouse Books

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