Los Angeles, a dream for foodies and entertainment junkies

Los Angeles is the centre of thousands of events, maybe even more than New York. Read more to find out LA’s best foodie spots and events.


Los Angeles is famous for exporting the fusion of Mexican and Korean cuisines. Find out where the next Kogi truck – owned by Roy Choi, recognised as the pioneer for this sort of cuisine – is going to be. If you prefer sitting down, check out Alibi Room in Culver City, a restaurant opened by the same people behind the Kogi food truck. Try the spicy, tequila-based Breaking Bad cocktail and their signature Korean tacos.



For straight Korean food, Dan Sung Sa in Korea Town is the spot. Get transported in North Korea in this hidden joint with waiters wearing uniforms. Pretty much everything on the menu is great and authentic… And don’t bother asking for forks. You’ll have to deal with chopsticks.




Just after Beverly Hills, Los Angeles turns into a Jewish town: chutzpahs, signs in Hebrew and Jewish bakeries dominate the landscape and English becomes a second (or third) language. Same goes for the neighbouring Little Ethiopia: English spoken with accents and wonderful smells coming from restaurants like Merkato on Fairfax Avenue. Try the veggie mix of sauces – if you dare eating so much.


For a good view of downtown Los Angeles and some old school rooftop chilling, head to The Standard hotel.



If you want to meet LA’s hipster community, go to Silver Lake and try bars like The Thirsty Crow or the Cha Cha Lounge, entirely themed after the Mexican Day of the Dead.



But LA is a city for entertainment junkies, with hundreds of events every day. Thanks to my host I went to the pre-screening of Birdman, the new start-studded Michael Keaton satire of the film industry. The following night I ended up at Canada Radio’s recording of an interview with Bob Odenkirk from Breaking Bad, Zach Galfianakis and Sandra Oh from Grey’s Anatomy among others. Forgive the poor pictures!



LA is not just Hollywood and Beverly Hills… But don’t worry, you’ll hear about those too!

Pictures: Carolina Are

Los Angeles é la cittá dei mille eventi, forse anche di più di New York.

LA é famosa per la fusione delle cucine coreana e messicana. Controllate dove si ferma il camioncino Kogi di Roy Choi, inventore di questo stile culinario. Se preferite sedervi al ristorante, passate per Alibi Room, gestito dalle stesse persone, e provate il piccante cocktail Breaking Bad a base di tequila e i loro tipici tacos.

Se amate la cucina coreana fate un salto da Dan Sungsa a Koreatown. Vi troverete catapultati in Corea Del Nord, con tanto di camerieri in uniforme.

Appena dopo Beverly Hills c’é il quartiere ebraico, dove l’inglese si parla pochissimo e male e le panetterie ebraiche dominano. Appena più giù c’é Little Ethiopia, anch’essa patria di un inglese stentato e di sapori ed odori esotici. Provate il mix di salse vegetariano se avete il coraggio di mangiare cosí tanto!

Per una vista mozzafiato dei grattacieli di Los Angeles prendete un drink sul tetto dell’hotel Standard. Se invece volete conoscere gli hipster della cittá passate per Silver Lake e godetevi le comunitá dei cocktail bar Thirsty Crow o Cha Cha Lounge, interamente arredato in stile Giorno dei Morti messicano.

Ma non ci si può godere Los Angeles senza partecipare ad uno dei tanti eventi dell’industria del cinema. Grazie al mio anfitrione sono andata alla pre-proiezione di Birdman, una satira sul cinema e sulla fama con Michael Keaton. La sera dopo sono andata alla registrazione di un programma radio di Radio Canada con Bob “Saul Goodman” Odenkirk, Zach Galfianakis di Una Notte da Leoni e Sandra Oh di Grey’s Anatomy.

Los Angeles non é solo Beverly Hills e Hollywood… Ma tranquilli, parlerò anche di loro!

Foto: Carolina Are

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