A very Google dinner: greetings from Google HQ

My San Francisco experience wouldn’t have been complete without a trip across Palo Alto to Google’s headquarters and Campus in Mountain View’s Googleplex. How did I get in? Thanks to my Couchsurfing host of course.


I joined my host for a Google tour and an amazing dinner at the headquarters, which prove how much of a game-changer the company has been not only for the tech world, but also for office life all across California.

Here, standing desks are a must and it’s perfectly normal to book an exercise class, play beach volley or go to the gym during your working schedule.

Google’s cafés and canteen offer the best of the area’s organic food. I tried Indian, Thai and Japanese and I can assure you that I wasn’t disappointed.

I couldn’t take many pictures due to company secrets, but I can say the offices look stunning: from Google Earth booths where you can monitor the whole world to Street View Cars, from amazing décor to gourmet cuisine, Google like THE place to work for.IMG_1244 IMG_1245

Considerate towards your needs, Google seems the epitome of a young company: dining with all the employees felt like being at university and everyone over 35 kind of looked out of place.

Hopefully European companies will adopt this lifestyle… Or maybe, Google, do you happen to need a PR?IMG_8321.JPG

Pictures: Carolina Are


Il mio viaggio a San Francisco non sarebbe stato completo senza attraversare la vicina Palo Alto per visitare il Googleplex, ossia il quartier generale di Google a Mountain View. Come ho fatto? Grazie a Couchsurfing, ovviamente.

Il ragazzo che mi ospita qui a San Francisco, un’impiegato di Google, mi ha invitata ad esplorare il quartier generale e a cenare con lui a Mountain View.

Ho potuto vedere con i miei occhi come Google sia tra i pionieri di un nuovo stile lavorativo, con scrivanie senza sedie per stare in piedi, palestre e addirittura lezioni di yoga o aerobica che si possono prenotare durante la giornata lavorativa.

Tutto il cibo servito a Googleplex é organico, dall’indiano al thailandese all’italiano. Google é un’azienda giovane, dove tutti gli impiegati sembrano ragazzini. Sedersi a tavola con loro é come essere all’universitá e chi supera i 35 sembra fuori posto.

Speriamo che le aziende europee adottino questo stile lavorativo… Altrimenti, Google, non é che vi serve una tipa che fa marketing?

Foto: Carolina Are

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