Out in Soho: La Bodega Negra and Piano Bar Soho

I guess nearly four years in the United Kingdom are starting to take a toll on my sense of humour. Which is why, when I learnt my dad was going to be in town, I found it perfectly acceptable to have him walk through the door of London’s La Bodega Negra, the Mexican restaurant and cocktail bar hidden behind what appears to be a strip-club.IMG_9442_2I’ve already praised La Bodega Negra’s cocktails in another post , but this time I came back for food – and I wasn’t disappointed. Although the restaurant isn’t the cheapest in the world, everything in it is worth its price and some.

Its tostaditas with guacamole are the perfect starter to snack on while sipping one of La Bodega Negra’s finest cocktails. IMG_9751

The beef tacos reminded me of some of the best Mexican food I tasted in San Diego and the crispy cheese, tomato and epazote quesadilla was so great it was finished way too quickly. IMG_9753IMG_9754As a side, we went for the camarones – which even I loved, despite not being a great seafood fan – and the incredibly rich and spicy potatoes with mole negro. The mole negro, a spicy sauce made with chocolate, added the perfect touch to the already superb half boiled, half fried potatoes.IMG_9755-0

After La Bodega Negra, we spent the evening at the hidden and cosy cocktail and live music lounge The Piano Bar. With its laid-back atmosphere and prices that are incredibly affordable considering the area, The Piano Bar offered us a withdrawn table in its library room that was perfect to both chat and listen to music, also treating us with a complimentary ginger and vodka shot. IMG_9757IMG_9774With La Bodega Negra’s sleazy charm and its flawlessly executed drinks and meals and The Piano Bar’s unique atmosphere, Soho is proving to be more and more of a safe bet for a perfect night out!

Pictures: Carolina Are

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