The lazy bum guide to surviving Street Feast

If you’re a Londoner pretending to know his/her shit about nightlife, you’ve probably heard of Street Feast , the “International Capital of Night Markets” that started in Dalston and is now popping up all over London, from Battersea to Lewisham with a new location coming up in Shoreditch. Now, let me get things straight: Street Feast is fun. Very fun. But it’s also very crowded and loud. Here’s what you have to do if you’re a lazy bum that still wants to enjoy it.Street-Feast-PS

1. Don’t go to the opening night
I tried. I really did. Then I saw a bunch of Londoners queueing for what – according to the bouncers – was going to be a wait of an hour and I just couldn’t. Street Feast is on every Friday and Saturday until September 26th – so make sure you go before then. IMG_9965

2. Arrive early
Street Feast opens at 5pm and it runs until midnight. On a Friday, people will start flooding Dalston Yard just after 6.30pm, just in time to get in for free and straight after work. If you don’t want to queue to get in – it’s free entry up until 7pm – and if you still want to sit while enjoying some of the foodie goodness Street Feast offers, try and aim to get there before 6.30pm on both Fridays and Saturdays.IMG_9964

3. That’s it. Now go and eat. There’s plenty to choose from.
I told you it was a lazy bum guide. After all, it’s pretty easy to enjoy yourself at Street Feast. With frozen margaritas and a bunch of mind-blowing street food treats, you simply can’t go wrong. Make sure you try the tasty Rola Wala Indian street food dals, either with chiken tikka or beetroot.

And need I mention the soft steamed steamed buns by Yum Bun? As if my diet wasn’t already under threat, they even came up with an ice-cream bun with coconut ice-cream and peanut praline with butterscotch, all in a deep-fried bun. Too good to resist. IMG_9968

If you’re not feeling too full yet, have a go at the genius alcoholic ice lollies by Lickalix. Their Kahlua Kick poptail made with cacao, coconut and Kahlua liqueur was the end of the world! IMG_0019IMG_9954 IMG_9959

Pictures:, Carolina Are


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