Out in Camden: InSpiral, Ladies and Gentlemen and Jailbird review

Until some time ago, to me Camden meant selfie stick injuries and the worst years of my heavy metal poser phase. I avoided it like the plague, but then foodie spots, cocktails at Ladies & Gents and at Jailbird changed everything.


First stop: vegan heaven InSpiral Lounge. A refreshing healthy version of a Mango Lassi with dates and almond milk and a zingy raw lasagna made with layers of almond and hazelnut cheese, pink pizzaiola sauce, julienned veg, wild garlic and oregano pesto served with watercress and alfalfa got me all prepped for the night.

Ladies and Gentlemen is a cocktail bar – you guessed it – in what used to be a public toilet. Its cocktails however are far from what you’d expect to see in a North London loo: with a craft menu that changes regularly, they are a a fruity, inventive treat. Try the Upside Down Pina Colada for an alcoholic version of a coconut ice cream, or their wonderful Affogato Martini with espresso and Nutella, in case you missed dessert. With a swing band playing in the background and an impressive collection of books with hilarious stickers (reading “Sweet Jesus titty fucking Christ”), Ladies and Gentlemen is one of the most unique spots you will find in Camden. 

Part of Joe’s Kitchen, Jailbird is a tiny basement in Kentish Town Road that looks like a real American bourbon bar. With amazing cocktails at knockout prices – the Amaretto Sour is only £5 – and an even more interesting special menu (if the Orange Is The New Black doesn’t catch your eye I don’t know what will), it’s a cool little spot that also serves Southern Joe’s perfect US grub.

Camden does rock – I will be back!

Pictures: Carolina Are, Ladies and Gentlemen, Jailbird

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