Day out in Sardinia: boat to the Emerald Coast

It’s a hard life here in Sardinia. Here’s what to do on a day out in Gallura’s Emerald Coast.IMG_1489

Wake up at 8 – the heat is going to wake you uo anyway – and head to Nodu Pianu beach to rent a small dinghy for half a day (€145).

A dinghy will give you access to tiny beaches and hidden bays you wouldn’t otherwise be able to see on a bigger boat. The smallest one can host up to thee people and you drive it like a car – I did it and no one died, I promise!

Head down to Mortorio island (literally, Morgue island – but no dead people there) for clear waters and white sand. Go there first thing to avoid the midday crowds, and then move back towards Olbia and Golfo Aranci, for Cala Moresca and Capo Figari’s relaxing scenic views and unique (fondale).







Spending a whole day on a small dinghy might leave you bored and sun-burnt, so make your way back to Olbia and head to Li Cuncheddi beach, to take in its wonderful views of rocky islands and Olbia’s port.





If the beach left you starving, Olbia’s centre had the perfect place for the aperiticena, the typically Italian happy hour slash dinner. Corso Umberto’s In Vino Veritas is a wine, cheese and charcuterie bar with top service, amazing Sardinian specialties and knock-out cheap offers.  Have the medium tagliere – a board with three cheeses, grapes, salami, ham, olives, grapes and bruschettas – together with top notch Italian wine and you won’t be disappointed. Tagliere for two and three glasses of wine each – €32.50. It doesn’t get any better than this! IMG_1306
Pictures: Carolina Are


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