Holidays in Sardinia: what I’m eating (part 1)

The days of stalking other people’s holidays are over: now it’s my turn to make you all jealous. Here’s what I’m eating on my holiday in Olbia, Sardinia.IMG_1241

No point in going back to Italy if you can’t have proper cappuccino and some cannoli. These are from the Costa café near Pittulongu Beach. Wait before you swim after that one!


Looking for a light meal before hitting the beach? Try these vegan zucchini spaghetti with cherry tomato sauce, olives, basil and mozzarella. 

Have with: Tomato bruschetta.

Find a terrace, set the table, add Sardinia’s very own Birra Ichnusa (Sardinia’s ancient name) and wait for the feast: fried courgette flowers with mozzarella and fried calamari. They are both easy to make (follow this recipe), but you can find them in every fried fish shop.

Have with: A glass of Italian Pimm’s – made with Vermouth – and papassini biscuit, crunchy almond and raisin treats with a white glaze.

One dessert is not enough. Head to your local gelateria – Olbia’s La Smeralda is one of the best I’ve ever been to – and experiment with flavours. My favourites right now are Bacio and Mango. IMG_1174

Buon appetito!

Pictures: Carolina Are

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