Street Feast’s Oktoberfeast at Hawker House

Sorry Stoptober, it was never going to work between the two of us. After winning two free tickets to Street Feast‘s Hawker House in Canada Water – including a much needed free pint of lager – I had to give up my resolutions of not drinking for a month one week earlier.


This year, Hawker House left the top of Kingsland Road in favour of a massive warehouse in Canada Water. The theme this month is, of course, Oktoberfest, so London’s best street food festival dedicated half of the huge venue to beer stalls: German lager, American craft, British ale and everything else you could imagine.


But it wasn’t it. Street Feast’s “Oktoberfeast” also featured Oktoberfest style food from all its classic food vendors: so they had a one-off Reuben Burger special from Bleecker St., Lobster Rolls and ‘Hawker House Pastrami’ Sliders from B.O.B.’s Lobster, Schnitzel Buns from Spit & Roast, Smog Rocket Short Rib Tacos from Breddos, Whole Pork Knuckles from Smokestak, Tiger Prawn Currywurst from Prawnography, Charcoal Papaya Slider Naans from Rola Wala, Fried Kimchi Brats and Korean bratwurst from Busan BBQ, Drunken Pig Arepas from Petare.


I went for the three pizza sliders (one with smoked pork, another with beetroot and feta and the last one with tomato and mozzarella) sliders from Born & Raised and a hot strudel with meringues and ice cream from the Meringue Girls. IMG_2399




Inevitably, all was washed down by rivers of lager.


Hawker House is open from 4 pm until midnight and will run for most of the Winter, helping Londoners cope with the dreadful weather with a dose of awesome street food. At 6 pm, the venue was already so crowded there was a queue at the entrance. We barely found a seat to enjoy our food under the annoyed looks of everyone else standing.


Nothing like a Street Feast event to start your weekend. Prost!

Pictures: Carolina Are

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