The Alice House: the cutest spot for weekend breakfast

I’m not a fan of travelling too much for food, but if there’s a place you should be eating in outside the most popular food hubs, that’s The Alice House in Queen’s Park. Here’s why this cosy and cute Kilburn breakfast spot, only a few stops from Oxford Circus, is the ultimate weekend breakfast destination.


The Alice House is right in front of Queen’s Park tube station and it looks like a proper old English town house with brown bricks, a fireplace and cosy armchairs. I sat in its beautiful library, right in front of board games, art books and magazines, getting a warm, cosy weekend feeling not even the loud Australian rugby supporters behind me could spoil.



The Alice House is committed to using local farmers’ sustainable, seasonal and top quality British produce: dorset blueberries, Speldhurst sausages from Kent, Sussex tomatoes, Westwoods Farm rhubarb from the Yorkshire triangle and London Honey.


Its new breakfast menu, launched on September 29th, focuses on old classics with a new twist. I started with a creamy soy cappuccino followed by an unusual yet healthy, zingy and tasty yellow pepper, carrot and lemon juice that helped me make the right start with my morning.



It’s hard to pick a favourite in this awesome new menu made of Sussex tomatoes, tarragon & sourdough toast (£5.50), or buckwheat pancakes with Dorset blueberries, creme fraiche and London honey (£7.50) but in my view you definitely shouldn’t miss The Alice House’s porridge.


Their oat porridge with Westwoods Farm rhubarb and hazelnuts (£4.50) is definitely the best I’ve had in my life. Sweet without being overwhelming, this porridge convinced even the Italian in me that having rhubarb for breakfast isn’t weird. IMG_2227

With exposed filament light bulbs, slouchy Chesterfields, panelling and exposed floorboards, The Alice House Queen’s Park is the most relaxing breakfast spot ever, a gem in the approaching Winter cold. Breakfast is served from 8-12 every day: what are you waiting for?

Pictures: Carolina Are

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