#Yelptoberfeast at Clockjack

Are you on Yelp yet? No? It’s time you got the memo. The review-based social network is a great way to find the best eating and drinking spots in London as well as shops, events and entertainment. And it can get you some pretty sweet deals too. Check out what went down at Clockjack on Tuesday.


This October, Yelp is running #Yelptoberfeast, a month of exploring London in some of the most delicious spots this city has to offer.



Tuesday 13th of October saw the Yelp team running a cosy dinner at Clockjack near Piccadilly, an amazing fried chicken joint that proves how the chicken revolution is setting London on fire.


“With great power comes great chicken,” say the movie quotes on the wall, and Clockjack has great power indeed: its fried buttermilk chicken with barbecue sauce is a feast for the senses, while its spicy chilli wings with celery and carrots have a kick like no other.



Clockjack has proper rotisserie chicken on show: you can see it twirling right in front of you as you get in. So get yourself a quarter chicken and match it with a mug full of chips.


But what’s Yelp’s role in all this meaty goodness? It’s simple: it gets you either a plate of wings or a quarter chicken for free as part of #Yelptoberfeast.

Here’s how it works:

  • STEP ONE: Go to that day’s location. Every three days there’s going to be a new place being featured, from fried chicken joints to smoothie bars.
  • STEP TWO: Check in to the space on Yelp, add a pic of you and your food and get some eats for free! Everything from free ice cream to cocktails.*
  • STEP THREE: Eat or drink your free stuff!

You’re welcome.

Pictures: Carolina Are

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