Not just Guinness: three drinks you must try while in Dublin

You may think Dublin is all about the Guinness factory, but the city has way more interesting craft beer and historic drinks to sip on. Here are three you simply mustn’t miss.

Trouble Brewing Dark Arts Porter 

Move over Guinness, Trouble Brewing’s Dark Arts Porter is my favourite dark beer on the planet. Bursting with coffee, chocolate and caramel flavours, this beer comes in a huge bottle with a quirky and stylish logo representing a vodoo doll.


Trouble Brewing was founded in 2010 and produces several different beers, such as Deception Golden Ale, Dark Arts Porter, Sabotage India Pale Ale, Graffiti Pale Ale and Fuzzy Logic Wheat Beer. A 100% Irish-owned brewery located in Kill, Co. Kildare, Trouble Brewing was born out of the desire to create an interesting craft beer scene in Ireland.

Five Lamps Dublin Lager

The 5 lamps Dublin lager is a traditional Czech style pilsner. It has a slightly more complex taste profile than the commercially produced lagers, with a biscuity malt flavour and some fruit notes. It’s crisp and refreshing as all good lagers should be but with a little something more, and it’s the first ever beer I tried in Dublin so I like it even better.


Its name is a slightly less sweary version of “Do you know the five lamps!”, which generally ends with: “Go hang your bollocks off them,” the brewery wanted to bring an extra suckerpunch to the industry by naming itself after a proper old Dublin insult that’ll shut you up.


Your trip to Ireland wouldn’t be complete without an Irish whiskey tasting, so head to the Old Jameson Distillery in Smithfield for a tour (€15.00), a cocktail-making experience or simply for a whiskey tasting (€22.50pp).jameson-original

A traditional Irish whiskey, Jameson Original is a blend of pot still and fine grain whiskeys that is triple-distilled and aged for a minimum of four years. Its taste is the perfect balance of spicy, nutty and vanilla flavours with hints of sweet sherry.


Old Jameson Distillery
Bow St
Smithfield Village
Dublin 7

Pictures: Trouble Brewing, Five Lamps, Jameson

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