Why you’re better off going to a Bourne and Hollingsworth event

What a week. I’m spending a healthy, chilled weekend trying to recover from the latest Bourne & Hollingsworth antics. Here’s what went down from Halloween to Bonfire Night.


Bourne & Hollingsworth put their own spin on the scariest night of the year last weekend with a Halloween party like no other. Their Victorian Terror on the Thames party, set under the arches of Embankment, saw each and everyone of the guests put incredible effort into their costumes: everyone looked like they came straight out of a walk along the dim-lit, foggy streets of Victorian London.



Guests were invited to participate in a Dorian Gray style life-drawing class, have a drink in the licentious caverns and dance the night away in a series of death waltzes. The incredible setting looked like the mansion from Eyes Wide Shut, a classy yet decadent venue for a party with the best cocktails and the best costumes you could imagine. I tried (and failed) to look like the Corpse Bride, but still managed to have an awesome time.



Not happy with the success of the packed Terror on the Thames, Bourne & Hollingsworth launched Below and Hidden on Bonfire Night, saving London bloggers from a damp fireworks’ night. Set below their gorgeous and uber-successful Exmouth Market brunch spot, Below and Hidden is a mix between a modern party place and a Medioeval/Oriental bazaar.


Offering an ironic and modern take on the 90s West End style club bottle service, Below and Hidden serves bottled cocktails with boutique spirits created by mixologist Jim Wrigley. This underground late night spot features decadent carpets on the wall hiding floor-to-ceiling LED light panels that illuminate the room to the music’s beat. IMG_2586



Below and Hidden will change theme each season. Drop in this Autumn for a celebration of Britain’s brightest artistic minds, with cocktails inspired by Alexander McQueen, Damien Hirst, Paul Weller and Lily Allen. Their Peacock Suites, with a real peackock feather, expresses the flare of young British artists while the Still Life, complete with a home made marshmallow, is the end of the world.




If you’re looking for a good night, Bourne & Hollingsworth is your guarantee for it. What are you waiting for?

Pictures: Kapranos PR, Andreea Pohus, Carolina Are

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