Peruvian brunch at Lima Floral

On my quest to try London’s best brunches, never would I have thought that one of the best weekend treats in the capital was also among the healthiest and the best value for money. Here’s my review of Lima Floral in Covent Garden.


Garrick Street’s very own Peruvian offers two brunch options: a sweeter, smaller one (the £18 Andean breakfast) or a bigger meal (the £30 long lunch). Although both sounded intriguing, we went for the £18 Andean breakfast, which turned out to be one of the tastiest, freshest and healthiest brunch options I’ve ever tried, without being too heavy on your pockets. For only £18 we feasted on both sweet and savoury Peruvian treats, starting with the crowd-pleasing classic quinoa porridge and an unusual yet perfect yoghurt with eucalyptus, muña mint, fruit, maca root, honey and bee pollen. img_3833


Initially, I thought I could only pick one of the mains. Turns out the Andean breakfast’s main course gives you a taster of each one. Starting with a tender, runny, melt-in-your-mouth suckling pig in a brioche bun, the brunch also featured a brilliant egg frittata with spring onions. A plate of potato pancakes with maple syrup concluded the main trio, a perfect sweet end to an already brilliant selection of unusual dishes.

img_3835 img_3834

Next up was dessert, a tasty and nutty Amazonian chocolate mousse with cacao crumble, alfajores cookies and Dulce de Leche.


Whether you’re trying to kill the winter blues or just looking for a healthy treat, Lima Floral is the place for you. And you needn’t even wait for payday to afford it: filling and satisfying, you won’t need any food after it. You’ll be sorted for the day by the end of your brunch.

Pictures: Carolina Are

Lima Floral
14 Garrick Street

Brunch: either £18 or £30 per person, plus £12 for bottomless drinks

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