Favourite Sydney Places: Frankie’s Pizza By The Slice

Before I moved to Sydney, I had never found a place that pleased both the metalhead and the Italian in me. Then I went to Frankie's Pizza By The Slice.

Before I moved to Sydney, I had never found a place that pleased both the metalhead and the Italian in me. Then I went to Frankie’s Pizza By The Slice.

Hidden among the skyscrapers and the busy CBD streets, Frankie’s is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. You get in through a Grimaldi’s style pizzeria, as cheesy as the real Brooklyn one, with checked tablecloths, dim lights and candles, pretty arches and black and white pictures of Italian celebs.



Once you’ve gone through through the doors behind the bar, you then find yourself in a full-on 80s American dive bar, complete with pinball machines featuring KISS, AC/DC (with a random pic of Katie Price on top of that – don’t ask me why), Metallica and Guns N’Roses. Add to it some of the best metal line-ups I have seen since my teenage dirtbag days in Sardinian rock bars, typically metal posters – featuring monsters and band names written in obscure fonts – and craft beer and you have one very happy Carolina.



Maybe I was hanging out with the wrong crowd, but not even in London I could find a place like this. Frankie’s recently organised a killer Halloween night with an insane line-up as part of Craft Beer Month in October – which I, as an annoying teetotaller, can’t try. Life sucks.


Frankie’s is one of the few places in Sydney to serve pizza by the slice. However, after a slice of ‘Puttana’ (‘whore’ in Italian, a pizza with salami and olives) or the delicious Medusa (a white pizza topped with mushroom and cheese, named after the mythical creature with snakes on her head) you’ll find yourself wanting more than just a slice.

Frankie’s has a weekly schedule of bad-ass events that runs as follows:

  • MONDAYS: Music by Frankie’s House Band
  • TUESDAYS: Rock N’ Roll Karaoke
  • WEDNESDAYS: New bands
  • THURSDAYS: Bands and DJs
  • SATURDAYS: DJs playing the good times’ jam
  • SUNDAYS: More bands

Everything at Frankie’s is so 80s I just wanna start jumping around dancing to Pour Some Sugar On Me. Consider me moved in, thanks.

Pictures: Carolina Are


  1. […] Literally my favourite bar in Sydney, Frankie’s is hidden in the city’s Central Business District and it looks like a traditional NYC style pizzeria. But as soon as you go through the doors next to the bar you’re in a full-on rock and metal dive bar with pinball machines, gigs and fun aplenty. Its pizza is great too – New York, rather than Naples. […]

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