Things I learned at QT Gold Coast

I chose QT Gold Coast as my Surfers Paradise home for a weekend. This is what I found out.


1 Everything Is Prettier Than You… Even the Pictures on the Wall


I challenge everyone to set foot into QT Gold Coast and not come out with a daft smile. The art deco nautical style boutique hotel is pretty from top to bottom, so much that you’ll have interior design and fashion FOMO as soon as you walk in. Even the lifts are too cute to be true – I tried to recreate the pin up girl style to no avail…


2 Eating Healthy Can Be VERY Filling 


Breakfast at QT Gold Coast means eating from one of the area’s most renowned restaurants, Bazaar. Think healthy muesli and yoghurt pots, house-baked bread and house-mad jam, fresh juices and seasonal fruit. Before you know it you will have eaten three meals’ worth of healthy and fresh goodness. Oops.


3 Spa QT People Are Mind Readers


After trying a facial treatment ($135) at SpaQ I have come to the conclusion that the hotel’s beauticians can read minds. In the blissful hour I spent in their hands, I didn’t even have to speak for my needs to be turned into action. As soon as I felt pins and needles in my legs I’d receive a massage, as soon as my skin felt dry my face would be treated with oil and masks. The Spa QT experience is the cherry on top to your stay, especially if you embrace relaxation with a 45-minute pre-treatment hammam section.

4 You Will Turn Into A Cleptomaniac


Here’s the thing: at QT Gold Coast you either buy everything or you’ll have to glue your hands to your pockets to avoid grabbing everything. From the striped beach towels to the polka dot flip flops, from the cocktail glasses to the bedroom robes, everything at QT is so cute you will want to steal it.

5 Magic Beds Are A Thing


If you thought that a stunning beach view like mine, facing the incredible Surfers Paradise beach from the twenty-first floor of QT Gold Coast, is all you get from your Ocean View room you are mistaken. The sound of the crashing waves will help you drift away into dreamland, but it’s QT’s magic bed that seals the deal. The mattress massages your body so much it feels like you are sleeping on a candy floss cloud. And to be fair, with views like these you might be.


Pictures: Carolina

*The QT Gold Coast offered me a night’s stay but all opinions are my own*

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