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As a cheat day binge eater always trying to shed a few kilos, I am guilty of trying too many diets, too many solutions and too many new things that promise to keep me healthy. When I heard of Eat Fit Food, a nutritionist-approved plan of healthy meals that promises to still taste yummy, I couldn’t help but want to try it. Here’s what I thought of it.

Picture by: Eat Fit Food
Picture by: Eat Fit Food

Brief sad story. Carolina is surprisingly fit despite the amount of food she eats. Then Carolina goes Couchsurfing in the USA for two and a half months, spending the money she hasn’t spent on accommodation on monster-sized junk food. Carolina comes back from the USA and tries to lose weight ever since.

I suck at diets. For me, food is more of a “mind” thing than about nutrition. Of course I like to eat what keeps me energised and in shape, but I also need to enjoy it. It’s about taste, surroundings and the pleasure of eating. I don’t like eating at my desk really quickly, because my mind doesn’t register what I eat as food – just as boring fuel. This means I don’t like healthy solutions, salads or protein shakes unless they taste good, like real food.

Enter Eat Fit Food, which delivered fresh, healthy and delicious wholefood meals and snacks to my Coogee home for a week. Founded by Bianca Monley in 2002, the brand is now apparently the number one choice for home delivered food in Sydney and Melbourne. EFF’s chef-prepared nutritious meals are grown at the Eat Fit Farm and are free of preservatives, artificial sweeteners, additives and chemicals. All EFF meals are portion and calorie controlled and all its programmes promise to be nutritionally balanced and approved by dietitians to promote optimal health.

As you will be able to see from the EFF website, the plan offers various options, from snacks to catering. I went for EFF’s Clean+lean five-day plan, which starts at about $375.00 per week. Clean+lean is an all-inclusive, high protein plan made of breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks going up to about 1400 calories per day.


Now, let’s get down to business.


I’m one of those people that can’t calculate what makes a proper portion size and most of the meals I prepare could probably feed the crew of The Black Pearl. So while eating EFF portions helped me regulate my appetite, I must say I didn’t always feel 100 per cent satisfied, not due to their taste but due to their size.


Everyone is different and everyone has different eating habits that work for them. I generally prefer having a slightly bigger breakfast and an early dinner as they both keep me satisfied without feeling too bloated. I don’t advise anyone to do this – I know that you should have at least three meals a day – it’s just what works for me.

I know dietitians advise to eat less but more often. This has never worked for me because my eating more often turned into snacking more, but not eating less. For this reason, EFF’s smaller portions are not something I would consider eating more than once or twice a week.

EFF was gifted to me as part of a blogger collaboration, so I was lucky enough to try this yummy and interesting product for free. However, I do not think I could afford purchasing a five-day meal plan starting at $375 on my current part-time salary. Although food shopping in Sydney is expensive (I end up spending about $100 per week on fruit, vegetables, nuts and almond milk realising I have barely bought anything), EFF is still a bit much for the average Joe’s pockets. If each meal were to drop down to $15 I could consider buying it, but having mini-lunches for $21 is no less convenient than sitting down at a restaurant for one or two meals a day.


Considering I lead about four different lifestyles at the moment (part-time PR Account Manager, full-time student, amateur pole dancer and blogger), I am often really busy and can barely be bother to pack my work lunch or prepare something to get me through the day. I don’t often rely on take-away food, but sometimes the temptation is strong. Or, I just get by with smoothie bowls.

Having a ready meal that was also healthy and tasty made me feel less stressed and, especially with some of EFF’s options, very rewarded. Among the best meals were the breakfasts, like:

  • Grain & seed coconut crunch with salted caramel almond milk ($ 13) or the Cacao pops with vanilla cashew milk ($ 13)
  • Snacks were also really delicious, like the EFF Cleansing Juice Pack of 3 ($ 12) or the Lemon, ginger & tahini protein balls ($ 7 )


  • My favourite meals however a veggie lunch made of Pumpkin & goats cheese gratin with sage, roast garlic & silverbeet ($ 21)


  • and Portuguese crusted salmon with ancient grains, cumin coconut yoghurt & dutch carrots ($ 21).


While still totally healthy, all of these meals felt like a treat, like eating out. Plus, knowing that I had meals ready and waiting for me stopped me from snacking on useless junk food or spending money on things I didn’t need.

All things considered, EFF is a brilliant plan that is worth a try if you can face the extra cost. The meals are yummy, the customer service is awesome and the delivery process is seamless.

  • All meals and programs are delivered on Monday, Wednesday and Friday
  • Deliveries to postcodes 2000 and 3000 happen between 8.00am and 10.30am Deliveries to postcodes outside 2000 and 3000 happen between midnight and 7.00am
  • Vegan and gluten-free options are available
  • You can order online at

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