Three London openings I am gutted to miss

I thought that moving out of London would have cured my Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) once and for all. Turns out I was wrong: despite having embraced the more laid-back, beach-side Sydney lifestyle, my FOMO is still very much alive and kicking thanks to press releases, Facebook, Instagram and the simple fact that I’m whiny. Disclaimer: all the venues mentioned here are Italian, coz I don’t call myself an Italian Londoner for nothing.
L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele
I haven’t read Eat Pray Love and I’m not going to. Shoot me. But even if I haven’t read Elizabeth Gilbert’s novel or seen what in my eyes just looks as a cheesy Julia Roberts movie, I have heard of L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele, apparently the best pizzeria in the world. I mean, even if it isn’t the best in the world, give me Neapolitan pizza and I’ll be running there whether in heels, barefoot or in my underwear just to make sure I get a slice.

L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele is opening up a branch in Stoke Newington and will hopefully cost about £2.00 to match the €4 it costs in Naples. Whatever, I’d still buy it even for £20.

According to TimeOut, L’Antica Pizzeria will open up this February while I’m here eating pepperoni Domino’s on the beach.

Bunga Bunga Covent Garden


As a self-righteous, politically active teenager still unaware of British black humour, a venue by the name of Bunga Bunga would have made me fucking angry in 2011 – back when Berlusconi was still our President and I ran away from Italy to study journalism in a country where pluralism was apparently for realz.

Now that I know what black humour is and, most importantly, now that Brexit happened I can accept that Bunga Bunga Covent Garden is a thing and that it’s going to be cool. Too bad I didn’t go to its Battersea sister venue when I was still living in London.

Launched on January 13th, Bunga Bunga Covent Garden is yet another child of the incredible Inception Group. According to its founders, once you find the door to the secret meat locker (hidden in BungaTINI) you will be transported to a world of “flamboyant Italian eccentricity” made of mobsters, Roman Emperors and showgirls where you’ll be entertained by Bunga Bunga’s house band and some of the most bizarre and brilliant variety performers in London.

The venue also features a Martini Room, a private area with sliding doors that explores Martinis throughout the ages and can fit up to 25 people.


Another Neapolitan pizzeria is opening up in Kilburn this spring. Quartieri‘s pizza is inspired by a family recipe dating back to 1923.

Quartieri’s menu features a selection of frittura (fried stuff for the non-Italians out there) including crocchette and arancini as well as bruschetta and buffalo mozzarella with tomato. The people behind the venue are the same team who launched the world-famous Pizzeria Trianon Vomero, which makes giant sized pizzas in Naples.

Needless to say, when I head back to London I know where I’m going.

Pictures: London On The Inside, Fluid London, Quartieri

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