Melbourne: Richmond and St Kilda

More residential and similar to Sydney, Richmond and St. Kilda are healthy eating hubs but still incredibly fun. Here are my favourite spots on this side of Melbourne.


The Kettle Black

Probably Melbourne’s most popular café, The Kettle Black is a stunning space situated under a modern art high rise building and is ironically pristine white. A tiny colonial type building with predominantly white interiors, The Kettle Black has the power to help you relax even at its busiest time.

Although the options for special dishes are many – polenta porridge or hot cakes come to mind – I recommend going for scrambled eggs on toast because that’ll be the best scramble you’ll ever have. My eggs came out in a pattern that reminded me of rose petals, topped with edible flowers, and were as silky as ever. The bakery section is also on point, with anything from croissants to cruffins, so you’ll be satisfied whether you have a sweet tooth or not!

Matcha Mylkbar

Inspired by the world’s five blue zones, famous for their citizens’ longevity due to their plant-based diets, Matcha Mylkbar is is a cute little café by St. Kilda Beach and as such it has a San Franscisco/LA type vibe.

As Sardinia – the little island where I come from – is one of the blue zones, for me it was extra cool to try it out and see that somebody out here knows what my little island is all about. That being said, as lovers of “porceddu” (roast pork) and seadas (runny cheese and honey desserts) I’m not sure many Sardinians would have or make plant-based lattes including beetrot, apple pie, turmeric or matcha, or a vegan egg. I tried all of them because why not, and the vegan egg especially, made with coconut and turmeric, was surprisingly yummy. I also went for a matcha smoothie bowl with spinach and avocado and felt happy and full throughout my day.

Mahalo Poké

Hawaiian/Japanese fusion poké bowls – basically raw fish with vegetable and seaweed toppings – are taking Australia by storm and this place could be right in Hawaii if it wasn’t for its urban setting. Pink and white, it makes you think of surf, flamingo and seafood.


Moondog Brewing 

Mismatched furniture, random paintings, odd books and armchairs that could be your grandma’s make up this funky brewery serving pizza and free popcorn with odd batches of super tasty beer. Think Bloody Mary beer or margarita beer, although in the late summer heat I went for a refreshing Mr Mefistofeles mango lager brewed out of Moondog cool as the taps it was brewed from.


Botanic Gardens And the Shrine of Remebrance

Not far from The Kettle Black are this incredibly polished, calming gardens with little sections dedicated to various historical characters, including Queen Victoria who gave Melbourne’s federal state its name. Not far is the Shrine of Remembrance in memory of fallen soldiers, a beautiful Neo-Palladian style towering building.

Yarra River

The Melbourne skyline looks stunning from the Yarra River – take a cruise or just take in the view as you cross the bridges. It’s marvellous on a sunny day.

St Kilda Beach

Bondi Beach it ain’t, but this cute long beach with a promenade is perfect for an early morning run and reminds you of Long Beach’s still waters.

Pictures: Carolina Are

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