Golfo di Orosei: playing tourist in my homeland

I couchsurfed and travelled across the world, from London to the USA, from Australia to Asia, but sometimes nothing feels so great as being home. Especially if your homeland looks like the island of Sardinia. Here are a few shots of some of the most beautiful areas in Southern Italy.

Golfo Di Orosei

The Orosei gulf is on the east side of central Sardinia and can be easily reached by car. To visit its most famous beaches, Cala Luna, Cala Mariolu and Cala Goloritzé, you could hike or sometimes drive, but the easiest, most striking way to see them is taking a boat from either Orosei’s marina (further south) or La Caletta (further north and closer to my town, Olbia). Trust me, you don’t want to hike for over two hours on a massive rock, in between fields in the 40 °C Sardinian summer heat.

Cala Goloritzé

The stunning Orosei gulf features typical limestone cliffs, including Europe’s second-highest cliff Plumare Point (412 metres), Europe’s deepest canyon, “Su Gorroppu”, karst caves and the remains of ancient volcanos. Cruises allow you to enjoy the view of over 40 km’s worth of coast that have as yet been left untouched by man. We reached the area aboard of the Davide & Golia ship, leaving at 9 am from La Caletta port, stopping at Cala Luna for two hours and Cala Mariolu for free, with the opportunity to see Cala Goloritzé, Venus’ pools and much more. Arm yourself with sunscreen and plenty of water, cause you ain’t getting home until 7 pm.

Grotte del Bue Marino (Bue Marino Caves)
Rocks Rocks Rocks

Here’s a bunch of pictures of me posing like a dumbass in Cala Luna with my personalised Calzedonia one-piece swimsuit (which I paid for, FYI).

Possibly even more stunning than Cala Luna is Cala Mariolu, entirely made of tiny white pebbles rounded and levigated by the sea, allowing you to enjoy the beach’s gorgeous water in its best blends of blue and emerald green. ‘Mariolu’ is a Sardinian twist on ‘mariolo’, thief, a name fishermen from the Mediterranean island of Ponza gave to the monk seal, which used to steal all their fish. Here’s another selection of me posing like an idiot together with actual pictures of the beach.

Climbing that was harder than it looks

Molara Island

Another day, another island. This time we decided to take a dinghy on a surprisingly windy day, which resulted in me rapping to the Nicki Minaj “Monster” verse in my head not to die of anxiety. But damn, it was worth it. Just look at the colour of the sea in here.

Rocks around Molara’s natural pools

Molara is a tiny island inhabited by falcons and cute goats who come to say hi when you deck close to them. It’s right behind the bigger island of Tavolara, the huge rock you see from pretty much every beach in Olbia and that kinda looks like a sleeping dragon. Fun fact: it used to have a king. Now it hosts an independent film festival every summer.


Here’s another selection of pictures where I’m posing like a dumbass, again, but this time with my Bondi Bather swimsuit which I’ve also paid for.

Overall, this post was just an excuse to post stupid pictures of me in a bikini. Bye!

Pictures: me and my dad (for realz tho – #instagramdads).

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