An evening in Peckham

Having always been an East Londoner (or East Central at the most), I could always think of a thousand better things to do other than travelling South of the river. It just looked far. I couldn’t be bothered to take buses when I had everything at my doorstep. I didn’t feel like the Krays travelling to the Richardsons’ territory… but I just didn’t feel at home. Then I discovered Peckham and started dragging people there.

It was worth it. In some areas, Peckham doesn’t feel like London at all and looks like a realer Brixton. In others, gentrification has made prices skyrocket and hip new dining spots have begun dragging the Hackney crowd across the Thames just a few Overground stops away.

My friend Catalina, whom I have to credit for all the pictures of me during this trip (and for many a: “Make your normal face!” Comment), ended up not hating me too much, possibly thanks to the view from Frank’s Café and Campari Bar.

Arguably one of the best rooftop bars in London town, Frank’s makes mean Aperol Spritzes, Negroni and fries, which are our dealbreakers when it comes to dining – we’ve left food festivals because they didn’t have them. #grownups

I’m sure I was debating the merits of Descartes’ theories here

Plus, Bold Tendencies’ restyling of the stairs taking you all the way up is as instagrammable as it gets. I grew out of the pink phase at 11 (just after forcing my parents to paint my room pink, I got all rock n’roll and began hanging NSFW Axl Rose posters on the wall instead). BUT… all the walls are PINK! All of them! Which makes for a good picture, so here I am inflicting them all upon you.

What was I doing in London, you ask? I was doing the worst possible thing, of course: flat-hunting before my actual move in September. The day I went to Peckham, I walked 29 km. Thankfully, I refuelled at Mr. Bao.

A bit of a walk from Frank’s, Bao is the perfect place to fill up before your night out. Small and intimate enough for you to see the staff work in the kitchen, Bao is an Asian fusion tapas bar specialising in mouth-watering little bao buns. I went for a Mr Bao, with the tenderest pork belly you’ll ever try topped with peanut crumbles, and for the ‘Shrooms’ bao which must be way tastier than magic mushrooms. All washed down with a pint of Asahi.

There is plenty to see in Peckham, but I was so knackered I stopped at views and food. Next time.

Pics: Carolina Are & Catalina Albeanu

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