Silent Night at sketch London

There are many ways to start your morning. I usually start mine with a pole session, reading academic journals for my PhD or going to work. This morning however I was among the first Londoners that got to see sketch London‘s Christmas light installation to kick off the holiday season, and as you’ll see if you scroll down, it was pretty dreamy.

The Exhibitions

Chris Levine’s ‘Silent Night

‘Tis the season to admire pretty AF lights – if you’re at sketch, that is. For the holidays, sketch’s gorgeous pink gallery will host Chris Levine‘s ‘Silent Light’ installation. Levine is an innovative light artist who set up an immersive laser and sound installation using suspended crystals, making sketch’s already pink Gallery even pinker.

Thanks to the ‘gift’ that is my anxiety, I’ve become all spiritual and shit, and I have had to include meditation in my daily schedule. This installation was the perfect alternative to my everyday session: inspired by solfeggio sound frequencies, it aims to celebrate our spirituality and senses. Having breakfast in this quiet, ethereal space had a calming effect to my senses… or maybe it was the champagne? #Caro2Sips

Evil me & the lights

Yuki Anai’s In The Rain

If you don’t check out sketch’s toilets, have you really been to sketch? Well, now you have one more reason to visit sketch’s iconic egg pod: Yuki Anai‘s meditative, laser-generated ‘In the Rain’. Inspired by nature and made of sound, LED lighting and sensors, the installation is all about Christmas weather (at least in the UK).

The Breakfast

Before today, I hadn’t drunk champagne earlier than 11 am. Today I smashed my own record, starting at 8 am on the dot. Set in sketch’s Gallery to allow us to admire Chris Levine’s installation, the breakfast consisted in tea, French pastries, a tropical fruit salad with granola and poached eggs with bacon and black pudding – all served in sketch’s witty, cute teapots lit by Levine’s mesmerising indoor Northern Lights.

The Christmas Tree

Blending the work of four of London’s leading florists, sketch’s Library hosts an opulent Christmas tree with its own peacock… ’cause, really, why not. The crown at the top comes from Rebel Rebel, the middle’s whimsical decorations are from JamJar Flowers, Carly Rogers took charge of the tree’s bottom and Figa & Co are responsible for the floral peacock that winds around the tree. You can see this fancy Christmas tree by booking a table in the Library for dinner and for lunch over the weekend.

The Holiday Season

As if this weren’t enough, sketch is hosting a Christmas Afternoon Tea starting from £75 per person, together with a limited-edition Christmas Cocktail (£18.50) by sketch’s Bar Manager, Pepijn Vanden Abeele. Inspired by the ‘Silent Light’ installation, the ‘Electrictide’ cocktail mixes Havana Club Rum with home-made spiced apple cordial, Pommery Champagne, an electric sugar rim and star anise.

After this mind-blowingly beautiful exhibition and this indulgent champagne breakfast, I committed the no.1 pole sin (apart from not pointing your toes) and I went to training tipsy and after eating way too much. Still, I felt so inspired that the routine I’ve been trying to put together for weeks is now almost done… and I haven’t died. No offence to Beyoncé, but #IWokeUpLikeThis.

Pictures: Carolina Are


  1. I have seen this place many times in Instagram but I didn’t know they had seasonal lighting and temporary exhibitions. I think they win the price for most creative way to attract customers.

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