Hot yoga mornings at KXU in Chelsea with Esquared Fitness

On a very stressful week filled with deadlines, the news that I am going to perform in my first competition and lectures to plan, I dropped everything and went to do hot yoga in the beautiful KXU studio just off Sloane Square. How? Thanks to my new partnership with the Esquared Fitness app – read on to get your discount code and try all the best fitness classes in London!

The App

Not sure about you, but gym memberships have always kinda pissed me off. You pay upfront for something you often haven’t tried, or you’re tied to the same gym while you’d like to try something new. Sick of this nonsense? Guess what: There’s an app for that.

Esquared Fitness is a free app that allows you to work out in most London gyms and studios, no strings attached. You just pay classes as you go.

The Workout

Thanks to the app, I got to sweat it out in the gorgeous KXU studio in Pavilion Road, just off Sloane Square. Imagine getting there stressed after your week explodes on you, after a long commute that made you lose the will to live (speaking for a friend). Then you get to KXU and are greeted by a tropical garden tucked in a side street that already looks like a placid village, leading you onto a healthy café/coworking space and downstairs to a boutique fitness studio. You just need to step into the women’s changing room, featureing cutting-edge straighteners and hair-driers, soft towels and shampoo, conditioner and shower gels by Kiehl’s, to understand you’re in for a treat.

Now onto the class. I’ve been doing a lot of shouldermounts lately (see video below) and my shoulders are at best in pain, at worse terribly stiff. KXU’s 30 degrees hot yoga room did the trick, and so did the lovely Amy, a high-energy instructor from Alabama. I liked her from the word go: she told off everybody who used a phone (albeit nicely) and she came over and massaged us in the sorest bits of our bodies while we focused on holding our poses.

My KXU workout was nothing short of bliss, heaven for a broken pole dancer. The warm-up was very similar to a pole warm-up and the moves and poses we did will help me strengthen my core, arms and shoulders as I advance in my pole practice.

After The Class

The lovely Ana De Jesus from Faded Spring and London Blogging Events came with me, and we decided to finish our morning with a healthy vegetarian brunch at The Good Life Eatery close by. Here’s a pic of my So Fresh So Clean bowl (£7.95) with poached eggs, sweet potato, kale and quinoa, and of my Coco Butter (£6) coconut, dates and peanut butter smoothie. Thank God for those, we were starving!

Get Your Discount Code

Want to work out in a variety of boutique London studios? Then use my BLOGGERONPOLE15 code to get £15 credit towards your first classes. The London Dance Academys on it too, so if you want to become a pole addict like me… now’s your chance!

**Esquared gifted me a £50 code to use on the app. All opinions are my own.

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