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In last week’s heatwave, every pole class in London turned into Bikram Pole. For a change and a challenge, I went and tried to kick the heat in the butt at Flykick in Marylebone. Here’s what a thought of this boutique kickboxing studio.

The Studio

Flykick is a martial arts gym, but it has nothing of the intimidating environments I used to train in. If you’re new to martial arts, and if you’re a woman, sometimes fight-based environments don’t seem the most welcoming.
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Before becoming a pole dancer, I did kickboxing, Muay Thai and Krav Maga for a while. I gave up because although I enjoyed the fighting, classes were often mainly made of men who would either be scared to hurt me if they fought with me like they would with a guy, or they wouldn’t take me seriously. I never learnt properly because of this, which is one of my biggest regrets: I would never see any progress, so I would give up.
Flykick removes that intimidating aspect completely. Gone are the seedy, underground gyms smelling of feet. The studio has a boutique vibe not unlike the most glamorous yoga studios I used to go to in Sydney. Think white walls with electric blue writing. Electrolyte water dispensers, top notch hair dryers and straighteners and Australian sandalwood grooming products – from shampoo to moisturisers – make the experience as luxurious as it gets.
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The space is designed to be Instagrammable. From the all-white interiors to the cute logos on the toilets, to the wonderful light and calm gracing the place, to the mirror frame, Flykick will appeal to the ultimate fit chick, to the kickboxing addict and to the fitness blogger in you – but to amateurs, too.

The Flykick Concept

Entering Flykick makes you feel welcome already, and the idea of looking after their guests is a core concept of the brand. Elyse says:
“We are a martial arts gym, which may seem intimidating to those who are new to the practice, but in fact bring elements of Muay Thai to a group fitness class that is open, welcoming, and fun to all levels of fitness.”
Flykick operates as a pay as you go system, with the options of a 10 or 20 pack after purchasing the intro offer. The intro offer itself is pretty sweet: with the “First Time Flyer Pack” you get 3 classes and your own pair of stylish white gloves to keep for £27.
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Going forward, the packages get a bit more towards the boutique prices, which are out of my budget at present but very similar to other London studios: £21 for a class, £170.00 for 10 classes and £300 for 20 classes.

The Flykick Team

Flykick is the brainchild of Ben Leonard-Kane, Charlie Kemper and Elyse Moland. Having a woman on a kickboxing team is already pretty unique, and Elyse tells me she joined Ben and Charlie after hearing their vision for a brand bringing kickboxing to an all welcoming group fitness class.

Ben and Charlie came from successful finance and business backgrounds and then followed their true passions into the fitness boutique market. Ben brought F45 to London, while Charlie was an avid kickboxer in New York before crossing the pond. Elyse has been managing luxury fitness brands for the past ten years, working with lululemon athletica, Psycle and One 10 before joining Flykick.

The brand is four months in and, even on a hot Wednesday during lunchtime, had a nearly full class. For Elyse, they’re going strong and have a diverse assortment of talent within the team. Three pro level female fighters (Amanda Khouv, Elia Dewu, and Alanna Sheridan) have joined the Flykick team, together with Greg Wootton, two-time Muay Thai World Champion. All Flykick trainers have been and continue to train in kickboxing, but also have qualifications in personal training, mobility, and strength and conditioning.

The Verdict

When you go to Flykick, you don’t just buy a class: you buy the whole experience, and that experience is very enjoyable. If you’re all for the “go hard or go home” philosophy, Flykick is the place for you. If you find HIIT a punishment, then maybe this is not ideal for you.

I must say starting pole has changed the way I see training completely however, which means I enjoy dancing way more than anything else. However, visiting Flykick I was instantly intrigued by the space, their offering and their brand concept, which makes them a nice alternative for one-off classes when I feel like a need to break a sweat and go harder.

Pictures: Me, Louisa from Flykick and Tom Joy

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