Interview With Brand New Pole School London Pole Dance

Italian pole dancer and studio owner Lucia Balestreri has recently launched London Pole Dance, a new Italian style pole school in London, near Finchley Road. Here’s my Q&A with Lucia, where she tells me all about the new school and the new pole competition she’s bringing to the UK.

UPDATE: This post was written BEFORE Exotic Generation UK, the Fyre Festival of pole – more info here. So I’d like to state that, following the event, Blogger On Pole doesn’t support or promote London Pole Dance or Exotic Generation UK in any way. While teachers I know and love teach there, I do hope that management of the event isn’t reflected in the care of students and staff at the studio.

If you want to read this interview in Italian, click here.

Why have you started London Pole Dance?

I launched London Pole Dance to export my Italian schools to the UK. I have two studios in Rozzano, Milan – they’re called The PoleShow and Live It Up. They’re not just pole schools, they are a community: a place where teachers and students train together in a safe space and relaxed atmosphere. If you love pole you know that it’s not just a sport: it’s a lifestyle. Opening a pole school in London felt like a natural progression of my passion for business.

London already has quite a few pole schools, what’s London Pole Dance USP?

LPD has Italian teachers. Teachers are trained in the Rozzano schools where they develop their technique and level and familiarise themselves with our vibe and approach. Our London school is open during weekends – great if you work full time – and uses products exclusively Made in Italy. We use ThePole poles, the leading Italian pole brand which grants excellent training.

Who will teach in your school?

We have gone through loads of applications and our chosen teachers will train with us in Italy. Also, our Italian instructors will be teaching between London and Italy.

How did you get into pole?

I got into pole by chance about seven years ago. I was already working as an entrepreneur back then, and one of my employees suggested I went to a class: I never gave up on pole after that.

You are organising Exotic Generation UK and Exotic Generation in Italia. What should we know about EG?

Exotic Generation is probably the biggest exotic competition worldwide, a competition with high-level judges and excellent athletes that bring the show to life and embody the art that is Exotic Pole Dancing.

Exotic Generation was of course born in Russia, the home of ballet. It was created by Tatiana Marsheva, the leading exotic choreographer. Everything about Exotic Generation has been thought through to the tiniest detail, we are ready to surprise you!

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London Pole Dance is at 95B di Fairfax Road, NW6 4DY London. Trial classes start at £15.

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