5 Pole Dance Accessories For Your Photoshoots & Classes

Contrary to what your mates’ sexy fantasies might look like, most people don’t show up in heels and a thong to their first pole dance class, preferring sports bras and conservative shorts instead. Then you gain some confidence, and before you know it you’re explaining your colleagues at the office what a vagina monster is, and undressing in front of the nurse at your smear test appointment before she’s even told you she’ll give you some privacy (speaking for a friend). This post is for the latter category, either for the future pole dancing you – the you that wants sexy pole dance accessories to spice up your choreo class, your performance routines or your photoshoots – or the one that has already embraced that life and needs more accessories.

Do I Even Need Sexy Pole Accessories?

Before we even start, I think it’s worth stating the obvious. You don’t need to spend money on sexy pole dance accessories to nail a choreography, to win a competition or to teach or take a class. Although costumes can be a big part of a performer’s impact on the audience and judges, that impact is nothing without the performer’s own style, flow, attitude and technique. In short: don’t think that because you don’t have a fuckton of accessories and props you can’t make an impression.

I won my first pole competition wearing items I already had: my 10-year-old leather jacket, my thigh-high pleasers and some Urban Outfitters bottoms with skeleton hands on my ass. The following year I had a better costume, better heels, two wigs, a revealing bodysuit and didn’t win. It’s about what you bring to the stage, not just what you’re wearing.

BUT pole dance accessories are nice. Especially if you’re not feeling very sexy, (e.g. like me when I’m PMSing and hating my life and thinking I’ll die alone eaten by cats), putting an accessory on you might give you that extra bit of confidence to shake your ass in front of strangers. And I’ve now become a pole dance accessories addict, so much that I don’t buy new clothes for myself… but I will buy cut-out one pieces just for pole. So without further ado, here’s some of those accessories you can feel very sexy in.

Exotica Polewear Garter Belt

Garter belts are the perfect sexy pole accessory because they don’t tend to sit on the contact points you need for the majority of moves, but they make your butt and legs look great. Five years ago I probably would have never used this sentence, but that’s the pole life for you.

The one I’m wearing here was a gift by Exotica Polewear and it looks great with skimpy bottoms or even with one-piece bodysuits. Just like a belt, you can regulate it to fit your body, and luckily for me it gets very tight on the waist but gentler on the thighs. I’ve already taken it for a spin but expect a LOT of videos in this, just to give the Instagram algorithm a bit of a challenge. Buy it here.

Pole Sweet Pole Tights

Perfect for pole photoshoots, lap dance classes, twerk classes or floorwork and exotic flow, Pole Sweet Pole’s black fishnet garter tights have been taking the pole world by storm and should be at the top of your list of sexy pole accessories. Kitty Velour, Pheebspolefit and Jade Roxanne all have them, so I had to buy a pair for myself.

The OG tights were the black ones I bought and they look fantastic: they show skin on both your inner thigh and your butt, and they bloody SPARKLE. What else do you need?

The tights have become so popular that Pole Sweet Pole have started releasing them in different colours, and have also released another design. The lovely Jessica from PSP gave me a pair of the whale net fishnets a gift, and since red is my colour I was WELL happy. Buy the fishnet garter ones here and the red ones here.

Tats & Tissels Nipple Tassels

I worked with Tats & Tissels for my Exotic Generation UK look and couldn’t recommend them enough. I wanted Italian flag nipple tassels to reflect my whole Italian parody/fantasy theme, and they were able to not only deliver on time for rehearsals, but also to provide suggestions on best design and finish.

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So today I competed in Exotic Generation UK, a.k.a. The Fyre Festival of pole. When we got there for rehearsals on Friday, we saw that the pole – which was meant to be rigged, anchored to the ceiling and flat to the floor – was actually on a stage set-up, making most transitions and moves impossible. From over 50 competitors, only 16 ended up performing. I decided to still perform because I didn’t want to waste my energy and £50 entry fee. Click on the link in my bio to find out about what happened. I am incredibly grateful to my friends @travelwith.mer and @slvsrpn for paying to come watch me, to my teachers and friends who still came to support anyway, and to have met some of my idols like @mario.turco and @andycandyxo who were incredibly nice and supportive. Shout out to @tatsandtissels for my amazing pasties, to @lisapisavisacard for my table, but mostly to all the competitors who brought it despite the circumstances, and to all of those who decided not to perform. Thank you @monikwi and @misez_baby for being my pole mamas and my super reliable “entourage” 👌🏻 (and for this picture). And all my love to the amazing judges @laurenelisepole @mario.turco and @tania_skaya 💕 I didn’t win, but I made the most out of a less than ideal situation. So I’m happy and ready to head to Sardinia next week 🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹

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If you want a unique look for a shoot or performance, Tats & Tissels is your best bet: their tassels are affordable (around £35) and will make you stand out! The owner Mandy has some really unique designs up her sleeve, and is also reliable and fun to work with. Drop her a DM on Insta or on Facebook to chat designs and other sexy accessories (she also makes sparkly lashes).

Thigh-High Socks

Thigh-high socks are in my top favourite sexy accessories to wear during choreography classes in particular. More often than not, kneepads are required so that you don’t ruin your knees forever but I am not a huge fan. My thighs are chunky yet funky and although I love them, I do not love the look of them when they’re squeezed up by kneepads. So thigh-high socks save your knees while also looking Instagram and mirror friendly – and they help you slide on the floor better if it’s floorwork, chair and lap or twerk that you’re doing.

The socks I’m wearing in the video above are by American Apparel, but you can find a variety of styles on Amazon and eBay too.

Pimped Pole Dance Shoes

In the noughties you could pimp your ride, but now brands are actually pimping your pole shoes. What a time to be alive.

If you’re looking to upcycle old pole shoes that have taken a bit of a beating, consider sending them to brands Shoegasm Designs for a bit of a restyling.

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It’s Friday !!!!! 😀 and here is another look at these beauties we created for @jasminxay1 #Repost @jasminxay1 (@get_repost) ・・・ The shoeeezzzzz!!! 💛💙💞💛💙💞💛💙💞💛💙💞💛💙💞💛 Thank you to @shoegasmdesigns for making my vision come true! …. and some! #trueromance #quentintarantino #movietheme @futurizmdancebandz #pimpmypleasers #pimpmyshoes #shoeart #shoelust #shoeporn #youresocool #love #9inches #pleasershoes 💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘 #pole #poledancing #pleasers #9innchheels #shoegasm

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Pimping up your old pole shoes is also a good way of standing out during competitions, performances or other special occasions, by commissioning shoes that fit your theme.

If however you’re looking for a brand new, custom-made pair of pole shoes, then look up brands like Nightshade Designs for a truly unique look.

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OOF 😳 Issa whole mood 🔥 Swipe to see them in action! 🖤 We absolutely LOVE bringing your shoe dreams to life! Never gonna get over these incredible spiked flame boots ✨ . . Please direct ALL pricing and order inquiries to our Etsy page (link in bio)! We do not use IG messenger. Thanks! 🙏🏼💖 . . . . . . . #poledance #poledancer #aerialist #aerialhoop #lyra #poledancersofinstagram #poledancenation #aerialnation #polefitness #flexibility #pleasershoes #pleaserheels #dragqueen #shoefetish #poledancersofig #polegear #polegoals #heels #poletricks #nightshadedesigns #polewear #glitterheels #yesastripper #pleasers #stripperheels #burlesque #pinup #dancer #pdheels

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Right now, you’re spoilt for choice when looking for pimped shoes. Asian brands Furamango and Bespoke create fantastic designs too – message them on Instagram to create your own look. They ship worldwide.

Working with them, you can get your very own shoes made-to-order, choosing pretty much anything you’d ever need to choose, from patterns to material.

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As Exoctic As You Wish ❤️

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  1. Pole Sweet Pole and Exotica gifted me some of the sexy accessories in this post as disclosed above, but all opinions are as always my own.
  2. Can’t believe writing about pole dance accessories and sparkly butts is now my life. You learn new things everyday.

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