Kitty Velour On Her Candy Box Weekender and Performing Antics

In this interview Kitty Velour tells me about her upcoming Candy Box – Exotic Weekender event in Manchester, sharing tips to get noticed as a performer and stories from her exciting life.

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About Kitty Velour

Kitty Velour is one of those icons you should follow whether you’re a pole dancer or not. Even if you’ve gone all Marie Kondo on your Instagram feed, Kitty’s profile sparks pure joy. A triumph of pastel colours, twerking, split drops and mermaids, Kitty is one of the pole dance community’s best role models. She’s a born performer who has been gracing the stages of the Underbelly in London, Edinburgh Fringe, Boomtown and others, bringing her unique style to cabarets in Asia and even to Patreon.

Read this post to find out about her upcoming event, her tips to get noticed as a performer and stories from her year on stage around the world.

What should we expect from Candy Box?

Kitty Velour: Well, I’ve wanted to put on my show for a while now, but was a bit scared to do it, because I’m not exactly experienced in event producing… but I guess you just have to learn by doing!

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So Candy Box – Exotic Weekender is 2 days of workshops with some of the best exotic dancers in the world and a sizzling show of pole performers, including a mix of amateurs and professionals. It’s gonna be amazing! I have some other ideas for shows including pole dance and cabaret, so will definitely be doing more, but I want to get through this first one before I tell anyone about my future plans – it’s gonna be exciting though! 

You’ve given me some great advice about getting myself out there as a performer (thank you!)… do you have, say, three pointers for my readers who also want to perform more outside of competitions?

Kitty Velour: I’m a big believer in chasing your dreams, so I always wanna give advice to anyone who has a desire to perform because I would have wanted that when I first started pursuing performing too. Okay, three pointers:

  1. Go to shows! How can you expect to be booked for a show if you haven’t been to one? See it as research, and also a wonderful way to get inspired! Immersive yourself in cabaret shows, pole showcases and club nights.
  2. Create a few acts of different routines! Try and be versatile as you increase you accessibility. For example, one pole act, one chair and one striptease routine. Film the routine, put a fab costume together and get some great photos taken (or just get a friend to take some on your phone to begin with). This is your performer package which you will send to producers over and over again. It’s super important!
  3. Social media game is important: post consistently, be creative, interact with the community. Don’t be afraid to be personal and imperfect at times, people connect to real stories and struggles.

In one of your interviews with Peach Lee Ray you mentioned how social media is key to be noticed as a performer. Do you think this has changed with shadowbans and copyright, and if so how can newbies still get noticed?

Kitty Velour: It definitely makes things harder! Just means we have to fight back a bit harder. Keep doing social media, it might take longer with the current restrictions but it’s still worth it.

The best way to get noticed as a performer has always been to perform. Live shows will always be the most memorable. But social media just means you can access a wider audience, people you wouldn’t normally be able to show your work. 

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You’ve mentioned in the past that your style is inspired both by Dancehall but also by the time you spent working as a stripper. So many pole stars like you have similar backgrounds or quote strippers as their inspiration, yet the pole community still seems a bit wary to address the connection with stripping. Why do you think that is and how can we change it?

Kitty Velour: Oh really? I thought we were over the whole anti-stripper thing now for the most part. I think I live in a very pro-stripper bubble sometimes, maybe because I love strippers I probably attract other people who love them too, so I haven’t encountered much disassociation with exotic dancers recently.

I talk about stripping and strippers in my classes and workshops a lot too, I don’t think anyone who was in denial of the origin of pole would come to my classes to be honest, haha! I think the best way to change it – if you do come across it – is keep preaching the gloriousness of strippers and stripping! Keep telling people and spread the word. 

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😈 SENSUALITY 💦 when training exotic you really have to dance from the vagina 👅 Remember that stripper style derives from sexual suggestion – heavy breathing, hip undulations, touching, curves and arches. It’s an extremely sensory dance, you have to be very connected to your sensuality so you can project it into your movement. It’s a wonderful way to embrace your sexuality, whatever it is, and express it! It’s also an incredible way to boost your stage presence; the most magical thing to see on stage is a bad ass bitch who cherishes herself, her body, her desires! If you want to know how to stand out, then this is it. Be so utterly captivating that you don’t have to do a ton of tricks or bend yourself into impossible shapes 💃🏻 • As a judge of exotic, I just want you to make me wanna fuck you. Seduce your audience and you don’t have to do anything else… TOP TIP 1) I love putting on lipstick before I train, it gets me in the zone and it makes me feel all sassy and powerful 2) Sext your bae during training – filth mode activated🔥 3) Channel your dirtiest desires into your training, it’s not wrong and it’s not shameful, it’s being a fucking human being 🙌 If you want your sexiness to be authentic then you have to train it like anything else. • Too excited to teach touching, serving face and come to bed eyes in my Slytherin Slink workshops this weekend! 🐍 __ #slink #authentic #filth #sensuality #sexuality #sexpositive #bodypositive #heels #selflove #poledance #poledancing #poledancer #exoticdancer #exoticdancing #kittyvelour #slowflow #poleflow #stripperstyle #exoticdance #sensory #floorwork #pdexotic #kittyvelourworkshops

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What are your best memories of working as a stripper?

Kitty Velour: Dancing! I loved being on stage. I also loved watching other girls dance too. You learn a lot more than you think just by watching. I am super grateful for all the wonderful sexy shows I got to see! It made such an impression on me as a baby stripper. 

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You post some wonderful tutorials on Patreon. What made you start to use it and do you recommend it to other pole dancers/ teachers?

Kitty Velour: My boyfriend encouraged me to make online tutorials, without his amazing video skills and support it wouldn’t have taken off like it did. It’s a great way for people to learn from me wherever they are in the world, which I always thought was pretty cool! I would definitely recommend it to other dancers! It does take a lot of work though, all the filming, editing and advertising so it’s not for the faint hearted. 

Last year you performed all across Asia and gave us all massive FOMO with your show clips. How did that come about and what were your best memories of the trip?

Kitty Velour: Again, it was my boyfriend, Adam, who suggested the trip! It was always his dream to travel across South East Asia, to go somewhere that is so culturally different to home.

Performing and teaching in Tokyo will always be one of my favourite things I have ever done. I researched so much to get those contacts haha, you have no idea!

I had a magical time teaching in Singapore, Malaysia and Philippines too! [Kitty is half Filipino on her mother’s side]. My little Filipino cousin, who is 3 years old, wanted to join in with all the twerking which was very funny! My Filipino family were incredibly accepting and supportive, it was true unconditional family love I felt there.

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🇵🇭 P H I L I P I N E S 🇵🇭 for those of you who don’t know, I am half-Filipino on my mother’s side. My mama is the 8th child of 11 siblings so I have a huge family in the Philippines. Last time I was here was 20 years ago when I was only 2 years old, so I can’t remember much! ❤️ Being a mixed-race baby, means being a child of two worlds and being brought up in the UK mainly surrounded by my English family didn’t really give me scope to learn about or embrace my Filipino side. So coming to Asia was an amazing opportunity to find out more about that part of me! 💘 I taught some workshops in Manila too where my family accompanied me and they watched all 3 hours of me teaching! 😳 I was half embarrassed, half touched that they came to watch. But Exotic does not seem to worry them in the slightest, in fact my little niece was absolutely mesmerised and I think she wants to be a twerker now 😂 🍑 My niece tells me I have “Costo” hair (Costo is the family name) and my Tita (Aunty) tells me I have a figure like my mum but that I have very long legs 😂 I am 5ft 4 but the average height for a Filipino lady is 4ft 11 haha, so I am very tall in comparison and Adam is basically a giant 🤣 My cousin Hazel is astonished to find I am taller than her, and reminds me that she is my “Ate” (older sister/female term of respect) and that she is one year older than me still; she is putting me in my place early on haha. She says she will teach me Tagalog (Filipino language) if I teach her twerking though, so I think we have a good deal there hehe! 😜 My baby niece is just 3 years old, I am her great aunt and she and my younger relatives address me as Tita Jasmyn, Jassy or Jas (Jasmyn is pronounced Jass-myn here rather than Jazz-myn which is how my name is pronounced in the West). There’s definitely a sense of the matriarchy in my family as it’s so full of women, so many Titas and our Lola (grandma) is the most respected. When I met Lola this morning, all my Titas crowded around to video and take pictures and they said “do the bless, bless!” which means I put Lola’s hand to my forehead as a mark of respect. There is a lot of etiquette and tradition I have to learn, but it’s

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I also saw the most AMAZING vagina show in Bangkok. Hands down one of the best shows I have ever seen haha! [More info in Kitty’s post below].

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🌈 BANGKOK 💗 Soi Cowboy is the neon-lit, debauchery den of the city – bright lights, and strippers galore! 😻 I am about to stripper geek out here, skip to the last paragraph if you wanna hear about the vagina show 👄 So we were in this gogo bar where around 15 or so women were completely naked on stage just doing the 2-step and there were quite a few rather weird shows that I wouldn’t count as dancing. But then the stage cleared for two girls in thigh-highed, fringed, black cowgirl boots and they WERKED. They were flicking and twirling their long raven hair around the stage like angels! The stage had maybe 8-10 poles on it but they were very close together so the kind of tricks you did were completely different; one of the girls would hold a pole on either side of her and invert so her head was towards the floor, legs in the air and she’d would just slowly slide down or flip all the way over and land on her feet. One time she did this and kissed a guy on the way down – spider-man style. Then she would also stand upright, hold a pole either side of her, straddle and then just suddenly drop into a split, but because none of them wore pleasers they were heel banging with the heel (stiletto part of her shoe) rather than the platform and I was surprised at how much noise it made considering it was a lot smaller than a pleaser platform. I was literally beside myself with joy 😻 (I think Adam was watching the football 😂). And then when they finished their show the girl exited the stage by doing a high kick and then dropping into a split, with another thundering crack from her front foot – I involuntarily screamed (always a good sign) 💗💗 THEN the vagina show began, and she didn’t even do anything with ping pong balls but she didn’t have to. This talented lady could blow out birthday candles birthday 🎂 with her pussy, she “smoked” a ciragette with her ladybits, she poured a coke bottle of what looked like water into her pumpum and then squirted it back out again as “coke”, she fired something through a tube attached to her kitty that could burst balloons, 🎈 and from a distance I might add – her aim was impeccable! And maybe my favourite of them all was when

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Some Links To Kitty Velour’s Next Events

  • Find out more about Candy Box – Exotic Weekend here
  • Email Kitty Velour to book tickets at
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