The Pole Dancer’s Christmas Gift Guide 2019

Wondering what you should buy your pole dancer friends for Christmas? Look no further than my first ever Christmas gift guide!

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UK Lingerie

The perfect pole dancer’s Christmas gift guide has to include some sexy lingerie. You can never have enough sexy lingerie (speaking for a friend).

I teamed up with UK Lingerie who gave me this stunning Bluebella set (More Metis Brief, £15 + Scala Bra, £33) in exchange for this post. I have used the set in the exotic pole dance classes I teach and I can swear it revealed no more than I wanted to – so it’s perfect to add that extra sexiness to your videos.

Their site has such an amazing range and choice of sexy lingerie, everyday lingerie, bras, briefs, underwear, comfy loungewear and gorgeous nightwear quailty brands – and they ship super fast, with free delivery and free UK returns.

UK Lingerie started in 2005 with their sister site UK Tights, then expanded to UK Swimwear in 2008. They now have their wonderful lingerie site too, and they’re offering Black Friday discounts – so head over to all their sites today and use the code BLACK to get 15% off!

Pole Sweet Pole Tights + Christmas Gift Shop

If you’ve seen this blog you’ve already read how obsessed I am with Pole Sweet Pole’s rhinestoned fishnet tights – so you’ll know that especially the red ones will be a great stocking filler for every pole dancer you know. Ugh, spare a thought for my no-longer-this-tanned skin.

However, if they have the tights already remember that PSP has now launched a pole dancer’s gift shop where you can pick other goodies – and they’re the exclusive suppliers in the UK for brands like Vekker LA, Rarr Designs, Twisted Movement and Okami Studios so you’ll be spoilt for choice.

So Divine

I like my Christmas stockings filled with pleasure, so I really recommend investing in premium, luxurious sex toys for the body and sex positive people in your life.

Yes, my bed has boobs on it

The lovely folks at So Divine approached me to review some of their products and I went for their Magic Body Vibrator (£40). I had never gone for a vibrator you could use with a partner and now that I have an actual partner to use it with, I thought it’d make for some interesting discoveries.

The cool thing about the MBV is that it can be used both internally and externally, also a first for me. The MBV is shaped like a bunny (it’s not a rabbit though) and has two powerful motors on each ear. One the two ears can be used internally, while the other one works as a clitoral stimulator. I’m yet to test it with my partner but it gave me some longer than usual and pretty intense solo orgasms.

The MBV is water resistant and made of premium soft silicone, and it’s USB rechargeable (you have to stick the charger in the bottom of the vibrator, it took me a while to figure it out but the ‘power socket’ is a circle with a dot at the centre). It has 10 Functions, three speeds and seven patterns.

I paired it up with with So Divine’s Orgasm Gel (£9.99) for a long-lasting and tingly effect. The gel is infused with arginine and menthol which might sound weird, but actually really works when you use it on your clit and labia.

Christmas came early indeed. Cherry on top: can’t wait to test the sandalwood and fig Body Massage oil So Divine added to my gift box with my partner!


It seems a bit “DUH!” but polewear is right up on the list of what your pole dancing friends will want for Christmas. If you’re looking for really popular brands with versatile styles, look no further than Creatures of XIX, who currently have a Black Friday sale. I’ve just bought myself this set and I can’t wait to have a dance in it!

Another favourite of mine is RAD Polewear, perfect either for the “pole art” types or for the sexy polers. RAD’s Black Friday sale starts today!

Sports Massage

Pole dancing expectations vs reality below:

Pole dancers are some of the most achey people I know, so be a doll and give them a dreamy sports massage for Christmas. And no, I don’t mean that you should use the “Can I give you a massage?” pick up line just to get your dirty hands on them.

After competing in Exotic Generation 2.0 and training as a pole tricks and exotic pole instructor, my body suddenly said “WTF” and my shoulders started aching real bad. There was a point when I couldn’t even turn my head without feeling a piercing pain.

Walking down my area I spotted KUU London, an osteopathy and healing centre that also offers sport massages, and decided to try having one. When I told the therapist I had never had a sport massage before she was like “GURL! You train so much you need one at least once a month.” And that’s true. The massage was able to melt most of the tension in my shoulders, but I’m now going to make it a regular thing.

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Weekend vibes. Time for a little bit of you. We are looking forward to being a part of your self care Saturday. We have a new therapist starting today, which means we’ve been able to add few extra appointments to our previously fully booked Saturday. Sending a huge warm Kuu welcome to Gee 💚 . . Give us a call to book your good self in & come see us. . There are also a couple of spaces still available for tonight’s New Moon gong bath with @siri_atma. If you were undecided before, this is your sign it’s meant to be 🌚 . . #weekendvibes #youtime #selfcare #selfcaresaturday #massage #wellbeing #osteopathy #aromatherapy #cranialsacraltherapy #scorpio #newmoon #gongbath #soundhealing #thegoodgram #goodvibes #londonwellbeing

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So if you care about your pole dancer friends, give them a sport massage, or a sport massage package this Christmas. Even if they’re in denial of needing help like me.

Pole Dance Shoes – DUH

Shoes are probably the most expensive yet most wanted items a pole dancer will want, so getting your pole dancing friends a pair of heels for Christmas is a safe bet. Club Hella Heels are the most exciting thing to happen to the pole dance shoes market in a while, and they’ve got some interesting Black Friday promotions that should make them an easy Christmas stocking filler.

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NEON JUNGLE – ‘BITE ME’⁠ Pre-order now available!⁠ Available in 6″, 7″ & 8″ – Limited Numbers – selling fast!⁠ ⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ #8inchshoes #8inchboots #7inchshoes #poledanceplatforms #poledanceshoes #pole #poledance #poledancer #floorwork #exoticpole #poledancing #malefitness #exoticdanceshoes #poledancersofig #poledancewear #стрипы #пиломания #poleboots #poledancingboots #exoticdancershoes #exoticdancerboots #exoticpoledance #cosplay #dragshoes #exoticplatforms #statementshoe #dopeheels #teamclearheels#hellaheels #poledancenation

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At the moment, Club Hella have 25% off their iconic Plastique style and 10% off when you preorder any of their upcoming collections – like the BABYDOLLS and EMPIRE KICKS ones, spanning 12 styles and various colours and heights launched just this Wednesday.

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New BABYDOLL Collection / BLACK⁠ Faux Suede, Real Deal⁠ Pre-order starts in 2 days – limited quantities⁠ Sign up to post notifications for new styles every day 🙌 .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ #8inchshoes #8inchboots #7inchshoes #poledanceplatforms #poledanceshoes #pole #poledance #poledancer #floorwork #exoticpole #poledancing #malefitness #exoticdanceshoes #poledancersofig #poledancewear #стрипы #пиломания #poleboots #poledancingboots #exoticdancershoes #exoticdancerboots #exoticpoledance #cosplay #dragshoes #exoticplatforms #statementshoe #dopeheels #teamclearheels#hellaheels #poledancenation

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Let’s just say that if you have a pole dancer in your life, there is a high chance they will love you forever if you get them a pair of these.


Have you heard your pole dancer friend say: “Oh, I’m not a stripper. What I do is art. I have morals”? Give he/she/them a good shake and buy them Jacq The Stripper’s The Beaver Show for Christmas. It’s the most entertaining biography they will ever read (and I read Keith Richard’s and Bruce Springteen’s ones), plus it will hopefully wake them up from their not-so-latent whorephobia.

The cakes are optional but you can buy your friends those too

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