Reviewing Activewear By Born Tough

Here’s my review of some cracking activewear by Born Tough. Why? Well, people think I’m all Italian and sophisticated, but moving to Australia initiated me to the joy of living in stylish but chill leggings and I’ve never looked back since. Now, as a pole dance instructor and as someone who often works from home, good workout sets have become a staple of my wardrobe. Read on to find out more about this exciting new brand.

Why Pole Dancers Still Need Leggings

When I became a pole dancer I stopped investing in activewear for a while. “Who needs leggings when I can just work out in my underwear,” I thought in Australia. Well, now we’re in the middle of the Winter in the UK and let me tell you, it is cold.

Warming up for pole in your polewear or underwear doesn’t sound as fun when it’s 2 °C outside, and you will warm up faster with a good pair of leggings and a hoodie. Your muscles will thank you too – it’s easy to over-stretch and over-extend when it’s cold outside and your body hasn’t fully warmed up. In short, a good tracksuit can help you prevent injuries and warm up faster.

Born Tough Activewear

Born Tough is a new fitness apparel for both men and women, aiming to create designs for the best performance and comfort for all disciplines. Their designs are slick, comfortable but tight enough to be flattering and they have plenty of hidden pockets for you to fit your phone, your headphones or whatever it is you might need during your workout. From leg pockets to to carefully placed headphone loops, you won’t have to worry about where to put things anymore while wearing their designs.

I went for the beautiful Women Contoured Tracksuit set of leggings (£15) and hoodie (£19) in ash brown. I love these warm, relaxing colours over the winter because they kind of match my hair, my eyes and the lipstick I go for. The same designs are also available in black, a really shiny gray, and in rose shades.

I have used Born Tough’s set during my warm-ups, during an exotic pole class and also while out for a Sunday Roast in Hackney – and it didn’t feel out of place in any occasion. It’s flattering, minimalistic, comfy and stylish, but it’s also affordable – I’d recommend it to anyone.

The brand also sell a set of slick but functional bags and rucksacks, which are sold out at the moment but that I can’t wait to get my hands on once they restock, as they are perfect to carry pole boots or laptops.

*Disclaimer: Born Tough gifted me this set, but opinions are, as always, my own.

Born Tough Discount Code

If you liked what I said about Born Tough and want to get yourself your own activewear set, you can use my discount code over here: CAROLINA.

Shop the outfits from US and AUS stores too – links below:

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