Here’s What Pole Dancers, Performers and Sex Workers Are Doing During The Coronavirus Outbreak

So in case you missed it, the Coronavirus has fucked us all over. From self-employed performers to small businesses like pole dance studios, to sex workers, the hospitality industry, and, frankly, everyone’s mental health, the virus is affecting everyone and it has shown us just how fragile our lives can be. It’s a time when we’re all struggling: we’re all anxious, sad and we’re all losing money, with some of us wondering how they’ll survive. Which is why I’d like to use this post to share what people from the pole dance, performing and sex work communities are doing to still work during the Coronavirus outbreak.


This is by no means a comprehensive list: it includes people who have answered my call-outs and things I’ve seen in my network. I am happy to update it when I have time.

I would also like to add that for small and medium businesses in particular, this is a really shit time. The UK Government guidelines on Coronavirus this week mean that businesses are not forced to close, and it is therefore likely they won’t be able to claim insurance. But by saying people should avoid any non-essential travel and social contact, and should not go to places like pubs, restaurants, or gyms, the Government is essentially saying: stay open, pay your staff and your expenses, don’t earn any money, we can’t help you. Some businesses are closing already out of safety, while others are forced to stay open. This is a real tragedy.

As an Italian abroad, the Coronavirus looked real for me long before this week’s measures to contain it in the UK. The Italian response, which was looked at with concern by many at first, is actually making a lot of Italians feel safer. Here, we feel alone, confused and like the Government isn’t looking after us.

So here’s how you can support your favourite dancers, performers and sex workers and stay sane during this Coronavirus madness – with an eye on my local London neighbourhood, too.

Coronavirus Update (20/03/2020)

As of 5 PM on 20 March 2020, the Government has said gyms will have to close to prevent the Coronavirus from spreading. This means pole studios will have to close too, which gives us a more clear cut answer. The Government has also said they will have small businesses grants and help for the self-employed, which hopefully will be around for our industry too.

What Pole Dancers Are Doing To Still Teach and Dance During The Coronavirus Outbreak

Pole dance studios are small businesses that people have built with love and hard work, and that only in the past few years were starting to boom. In London so far, the studios I know – including the one I work in – have not closed but have published Coronavirus guidelines for their students.

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Hello lovely students! We don’t wanna add to the #coronavirus panic but as a studio, we have a responsibility to look after you so here’s what you need to know. 1) We are open as usual. 2) You’ve heard the Government’s latest guidelines: if you have a fever and/or a new, persistent cough, please stay at home. 3) You WILL NOT lose your membership. Just send us an email and we can freeze it for you from 7 to 14 days. 4) Make sure you follow the hand-washing guidelines – we are doing that too. On top of that, we can assure you the studio is always cleaned with anti-bacterial cleaner and that we have pole cleaning spray available. We mix our pole-cleaning sprays with 50% of pure alcohol, which you are welcome to spray on your hands before and after class. 5) Clean the poles thoroughly before and after use. Please be sure we are monitoring the situation to allow you to still train, and to do so safely. Let’s all work together towards doing that 💕 [share this with your pole friends to make sure they’re aware with this when they come train with us]

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Most teachers are self-employed which means that they can choose not to go to work, at the cost choosing between their health or ruining a relationship with their home studio while losing money. It’s a terrible situation.

For now, I am still teaching, making that the only time I leave the house. However, many pole dance instructors are beginning to offer either free online tutorials or Skype 1-1s. I’ve decided to offer those too – I’d been asked to do it even before the Coronavirus, and now seems like the right time to start doing it from my home pole room. I’m going to offer lap dance, twerk, floorwork, conditioning and pole 1-1 classes, with the latter obviously only available to people with a house pole (more info on how to set one up here). I will also be making free tutorials for people to keep their strength during this time.

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Given that we’re all trying to limit our time outside while also not going completely nuts, I am going to take up a few requests I got in the past and start to offer 1-1 classes via #Skype, #Facetime or #Zoom. Please be aware that this is SEPARATE from my home studio – so if the government orders studios and gyms to shut, you CAN’T convert your Exotica package into a private with me. You can look at the studio IG for updates on freezing your membership and to see we’re still open, but this is something I am doing separately to support myself. Things I can offer: 1️⃣ Lap dance 1-1 2️⃣ Floorwork 1-1 3️⃣ Conditioning 1-1s for pole 4️⃣ 1-1s For My Style of Twerk If you have a #homepole, I can also help with pole combos and small #exotic routines. Pick a song – this was chosen by my first Skype private student and it’s @theweeknd’s Call Out My Name – and I’ll do a choreo to it. If you’re not based in #London / #Hackney and you’ve ever wanted to learn from me, this is your chance – DM for rates! 📩 I will also be doing some short, free videos to keep yourself active in a sexy and fun way even if you’re self-isolating. This is to keep myself and all of you sane 💕 thank you to my lovely student @shaye.lo for filming 🥰 🇮🇹 Se siete italiane/i e vi state annoiando in quarantena inizieró ad offrire lezioni private su Skype, mandatemi un messaggio per i costi e info 😘

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And I’m not the only one. This is your time to learn from your favourite pole dancers from all over the world. In LA, iconic pole studio Sadie’s is setting up an online course for everyone who wishes to join.

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Introducing SAGGED JADIE’S ONLINE, brought to you by @sadiespolestudio and @jaggedvdf! We’ve teamed up with the babes over at Jagged to bring you online classes during this time of uncertainty and self quarantine. How it works: You can register for class through Wellness Living (link in bio). Once you sign up, you’ll receive an e-mail confirmation with a Zoom link to enter the class on the scheduled day and time. You can enter class via desktop or phone (phone users will have to download the Zoom app). All classes can and SHOULD be taken from the comfort of your own home. You do not need a home pole for these classes! Pricing: $10 per class! Or we’re offering the following discounts on packages: $47.50 for 5 classes (5% off), $90 for 10 classes (10% off), $160 for 20 classes (20% off), and $210 for 28 classes (25% off)! Swipe through to check out the schedule for tomorrow, March 18th. Sign up now through our link in bio!

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Suwasit will be teaching free classes via Facebook and Instagram live.

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DANCE WITH ME FOR FREE‼️ Currently I have no gigs, no work, & a few $$ in my savings. But what I do have is an unlimited abundance of positivity, creativity, joy, & DANCE – and I would love to share it with you. I will be giving a free dance class weekly online. This will be LIVE on Facebook & Instagram. Schedule will be up soon. **SAVE YOUR MONEY to buy food & supplies for your family. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 ** WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME❓ It makes me happy knowing that I can bring JOY to someone during these challenging times. 😁 📷: @mossferns Moss + Fern Photography 🧿 Polefessor @suwasit #polefessor #suwasit #choreographer #poledancer #boylesque #burlesque #aerialist #dancer #performer #entertainer #poleteacher #poleinstructor #polecoach #createthelifeyouwanttolive #passion #love #flyingthroughlife #danceforfree

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The lovely Kitty Velour, who has sadly had to cancel her sold-out cabaret show, will be sharing her sexy wisdom through her Patreon classes.

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It is with a heavy heart, that I have to cancel @thepxssyparlour 😭😭😭 All my work for the next month has been postponed, but this one feels personal. It feels incredibly shitty to have to make this decision, but it is not safe at this time. It’s a dream of mine to have my own cabaret show, and it’s taken me probably about a year to pluck up the courage to finally do it! 💖💛🌈 Selling out my first show is a great achievement and I won’t let COVID-19 take that away from me. When this is all over (hopefully soon) I promise to throw the best goddamn show you’ve ever seen 🎉 🎉 I will book in a new date when things are settled down again. TicketSource will be processing all refunds, please feel free to contact me with any questions and THANK YOU for all your support 😘😘😘

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Indi Polewear are offering a variety of free resources to stay sane during the Coronavirus outbreak. One of them is their first ever Online Pole, Movement & Self-care Retreat, a week-long program featuring amazing instructors delivering on and off the pole workshops that you can join from your home. Register your interest here and read their free flexibility guide for pole here.

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Today was by far the most difficult day I’ve faced in my business, & I feel 100% sure that there will be more difficult days to come yet. When your revenue drops $30k in a day, but you know it is completely justified & that everyone is in the same boat, it’s both anxiety provoking & heart wrenching. Watching our community of artists & business owners have their lives turned upside down overnight is absolutely horrible & depressing. And I’m sure there’s worse to come, as it’s likely restrictions will be further tightened in Australia soon. We are living in a testing time, but at the same time I’m so grateful we have a public health system & something of a safety net if things go bad in our businesses. There are people in other countries who don’t have these. On the plus side I have found something positive to focus on. On @indipoledance we will run our first ever ONLINE POLE, MOVEMENT & SELF-CARE RETREAT, a series of online workshops you can access for free. As people face ongoing isolation I hope it’s a small way to bring people together & create something joyful to relieve some of the anxiety we all feel. It will be mostly non-pole so you can follow along if you like no matter who you are 💋

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The amazing Jazzy K will also be filming pole tutorials from Switzerland that you’ll be able to follow from home.

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✨I just can’t take it no more They told me it’s useless There’s no hope in store✨ . When fear and the lack of hope is dominating the world, we have to stick together and support each other 💕 I am planning to turn on the tutorials machine and providing you quality content to keep you happy poling or floor flowing even when not being able to come to a studio in the next weeks. . ➡️ Exotic Beginner tutorials have already been filmed and are in the edit. What else would you like to see? Comment below! ⬅️ . Stay strong people and stay healthy! . . #exoticpole #poledancer #poledance #poledancing #poledancenation #ig_poledance #poleflow #highheels #pleasershoes #unitedbypole #unitedbyheels #unitedbysexy #exoticpole #pdexotic

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My mentor Chanelle from Twerkology Nation will also be offering online twerk classes. Make sure you give her page a follow so that you can join and find out more.

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@socatome Presents: INTERNATIONAL WOMENS DAY 👑🙌🏽❤ . Womens Only Event! Saturday 7th of March at Space Six! Followed by Get Your Freak On after party. LETS GO!! 🎟 🏃🏿‍♀💨 . Workshops given to you by: @azulabandit @misstwerkology @danger_riley Pole, Floorplay, Twerkology AND Women Empowerment Talks!! . Emporium from 9pm -late Female DJs, performances and special guests, cakes, raffle prizes and much more! . First release tickets available NOW! £35 – Day pass including after party!! Once they’re gone they are GONE! GO!!! LINK IN BIO! . 🎵: @Sambingamusic @r7gin @tiffaniemalvomusic . Artwork: @dontdo_dull . Filmed by: @jodybigfoot . . . #twerkologynation #weareanation #anationofwarriors #blackgirlmagic #twerk #newcastle #womenempowerment #drumandbass #proud #pole #twerkology #azulabandit #dangerriley #misstwerkology

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Italian pole studios were the first to shut, even before the government ordered the Coronavirus lockdown. Polers in my home country have had to get very creative, and I must say they made it. My favourite initiative so far has been the series of absolutely bonkers, random and yet fantastic videos by The Bubble Buttz, aka Laetitia Saquella and Andy Candy, who made self-isolation glam, camp, 80s and trendy. Through Facebook and Instagram lives, they taught legs and butt strengthening tutorials wearing leotards, and threw a dance party last Saturday at 11 PM honouring none other than the Pussycat Dolls.

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🧬 ρ𝘴ꪗᥴꫝꫀᦔꫀꪶ𝓲ᥴ ᥴ𝘳ꪖɀꪗ 𝘲ꪊꪖ𝘳ꪖꪀ𝓽𝓲ꪀꫀ! 🧬 🤸🏻‍♀️🤸🏻‍♀️🤸🏻‍♀️🤸🏻‍♀️🤸🏻‍♀️🤸🏻‍♀️🤸🏻‍♀️🤸🏻‍♀️🤸🏻‍♀️ . . Riassunto del @bubblebuttzpoledance TRAINING! Please comment and share your opinion about yesterday ! . . OGGI PIGIAMA PILATES!!! Ore 18.00 Diretta Instagram! #bubblebuttstraining #iorestoacasa #poledanceitaly #poleracasa

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Quarantine has never been so sexy. Polers in Italy started training at home a lot more, something I am starting to do even more than usual. Here are some of my favourite pictures and videos out there.

Luckily humour can save us…

This video went viral. And rightly so!

What Performers Are Doing During The Coronavirus Outbreak

A lot of shows have obviously been cancelled, leaving performers out of pocket and creating a lot of uncertainty for the arts industry. During this time, please keep an eye on your favourite venues’ and performers’ profile, to make sure you can follow if and whether you can support them in any other way.

London Cabaret The Bitten Peach have had to cancel their next show due to Coronavirus, but you can still support them through their Go Fund Me. More info in this post.

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Announcement regarding “Crouching Tiger Mum, Hidden Drag Queen”. Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we’ve had to postpone the debut of this show. But fear not! We will be debuting this show later this year! In the meantime, head over to our website to support our @gofundme for all our exciting 2020 Peach projects, and sign up to our mailing list to find out about when the next show will be! If you would like to support us, @andwhatfest and @thepleasance , you can choose to have your ticket converted into a donation which will be shared between us, AndWhat Festival and The Pleasance. We can’t wait to perform for you soon! Love, The Bitten Peach family.

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One of East London’s coolest venues, The Glory, has had to close too due to Coronavirus, but keep an eye on their social media for updates.

London drag queen Dolly Trolley will be offering Drag Areobics home classes.

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LIVE in your LIVING ROOM: DRAG AEROBICS! This Wednesday @ 7.30pm We may be at home, but that doesn’t mean the dancercise party doesn’t stop! Get your spandex on, push your sofas to the side, tune in, and workout while you isolate! We’ll be going live tomorrow evening (Wed 18th) at 7.30pm on Instagram and Facebook from Dolly’s living room. It’s free to take part, and we have included a PayPal link for those who feel like they can and would like to contribute £s to the class and the team that bring you Drag Aerobics (@partywithginger). Stay fierce, stay fabulous, and join us tomorrow night for the live stream workout video experience we’ve all been waiting for! Dolly & @partywithginger x

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The UK Dancers’ Network has shared some helpful guidance for dancers towards understanding how Coronavirus can affect them and what they can do about it. Follow their page for more info.

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Dear dance community, . In these challenging and unsettling times we wanted to share with you the information and advice we have been given from the relevant authorities so that as a community we can hope to make this period of uncertainty as minimally disruptive to our everyday lives and careers as possible. . First of all, we would like to ask you to hold your personal health in the highest regards and to take all necessary measures to keep yourself and those close to you safe. This includes following all of the recommended government guidelines. . Secondly, not only is this situation worrying for our physical health but dealing with last minute job cancellations and unemployment for an unforeseen amount of time can be extremely challenging both in monetary terms and for our mental health. . We know that as dancers our income can be very fragile. We have asked @equityuk for advice on what can be done and they have sent out some government advice for both the employed and self-employed. Please click the link in our bio for a downloadable PDF to see the information they sent us, including social security benefits such as CESA and Universal credit. . In regards to the anxiety and mental health issues this may trigger for some of you, if you are really worried we urge you to speak to those closest to you, to seek advice from medical professionals and talk to free money advice services to find out as much legitimate information as possible. . This is unknown territory for all of us so we would encourage you all to share information with those around you, brainstorm with us on solutions for our sector, and most importantly to continue to support everyone within and outside of our community so that we can continue to spread love and light throughout this difficult time. . The situation is changing daily and there will be constant updates on how it can best be managed so we will endeavour to keep you updated if we receive any new advice. For any issues or worries please get in touch and we will do our best to point you in the right direction to get answers for your questions. . ➡️➡️LINK IN BIO⬅️⬅️ . Also please look for updates on social media and on equity’s website.

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What Sex Workers Are Doing During The Coronavirus Outbreak

The sex work industry will be terribly hit by the pandemic. I have spoken to a few London-based sex workers who are facing an even higher uncertainty than most businesses.

Millie, from London, has started an OnlyFans account to try and cope with the loss in earnings due to the Coronavirus outbreak – although she says it’s hard to publicise it because of “shitty Insta policies” against sexy content. You can support her here. She says:

Coronavirus for me has meant a huge drop in the number of clients. As a dancer, I’ve had no bookings recently as I do a lot of private work like birthdays, stags etc. and strip clubs are also drying up of customers. Apparently Cheltenham races was much quieter than normal this year, which is normally a big earner for UK dancers.

I’ve heard from various friends that sex workers around the world are feeling a similar struggle due to travel restrictions, government advice on self isolating and banning large gatherings of people – for example, lots of tourism to New Zealand is from Asian countries, Miami’s Ultra music festival is cancelled, as well as the Geneva motor show, and Berlin clubs have been shut down now too. 

She adds:

I’m a bit worried about online work becoming really saturated right now and it not being as profitable as it would normally be, as more girls have to work online, or people in other professions enter the online sex industry while they can’t do their normal jobs.

Luna, too, normally works as a stripper to support her studies but can’t work in clubs right now both because the scene is “totally dead” and because she has to isolate with immunocompromised relatives. She has recently started an OnlyFans where you can support her.

London’s powerhouse LGBT+ strip club Harpies has had to close, but they went out with a bang last week.

So give it a follow and support your favourite dancers from there – some of them, like award-winning performer Chyio Gomez, have an OnlyFans you can support them with.

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First things first, thank you SO MUCH for tuning into my makeup tutorial. I was so caught up on chat and giving tips that I didn’t actually manage to finish my face, but hey.. we still did it! Thank you supporting the Drag community online as we go through these hard times. Now, recovery update: … FAM I HAVE NIPPLES!! MY NIPPLES ARE FREE! No more scabs! I still have to wear tape and bind for one more week but I’m not even mad. I am flourishing in a wave of gender euphoria. Onlyfans is in my bio. . . . . . . Image description: a brown slim Latinx fucker of gender who is shirtless. There are two visible scars on his chest and he is moderately tattooed. Hair is scruffy, black, and in need of a wash. He has an orthodox face of “drag king” make-up, consisting of facial hair and contour. He is sexy as fuck.

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A variety of London-based performers and organisations are also offering help about moving your work online during the Coronavirus self-isolation. Performer, activist and sex worker Victoria Rose will be offering support to help people make more money from webcamming, a guidance that she will offer for free to struggling sex workers.

SexQuisite events, too, will be offering mentoring sessions to move your work online during the Coronavirus outbreak.

If you are US-based, @Sxnoir will be creating a zine and a special podcast episode about the Coronavirus outbreak and its effect on sex workers. More info in this post.

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#1 question right now, what are your thots about the #coronavirus? #CORONATHOTS Did y’all watch the debates? what did you think? I am creating a zine & special episode of #thotleaderpod to document how people are feeling during the Coronavirus disease COVID-19 and its impact on your life. EVERYONE is encouraged to share how COVID-19 has impacted them and this project will be centering those in the Sex industry. A pandemic during the digital age with mass communication through social media. I think it is intriguing to navigate how we navigate empathy in digital space with non-stop communication through avenues like social media even in isolation. How much pleasure and connection do we get from digital companionship? What does connection mean today? Let’s put our Thots together to raise money for Asian American Sex workers!! What does SX need? Photos, text, voice messages How to enter? | 💌: | or DM me here 🙂 More info on my website! @ 🔥LINK IN BIO🔥 PLZ SHARE 💋

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What Hackney Businesses Are Doing

To conclude, I’m based in Hackney, which is an area full of independent cafés, restaurants and businesses. These places will be strongly hit by the economic impact of Coronavirus, and some of them have already moved to delivery-only offerings.

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Hi friends, Sadly, in light of the current situation, we will be closing our dining room for the foreseeable future and instead focus our energy on a takeaway and delivery service.  As a small and newly opened restaurant in a fragile point of our existence, this has been an incredibly difficult decision. Over the past week, we have been really busy and we’re massively thankful to all our customers 💚💙❤ As the COVID-19 situation develops, it’s clear to us now that the most responsible thing to do for the community at this moment is to shut up shop for a bit. We’ll be keeping you posted on our take away and delivery plans over the next couple of days which we hope will keep Clapton happily fed and our amazing team in work 🙂 for those of you with bookings, we’ll be getting in touch via email. Take care!!! Xxxxxx

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Others, like KUU London, will only be offering 1-1 treatments to prevent the spread of Coronavirus in crowded classes.

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We are trying to practice kindness towards everyone, especially the weakest and gentlest amongst our community. We believe that we all must make some small changes to support the greater us. With the health & safety of everyone in mind, we’ve decided to suspend our classes & workshops until further notice. We understand how important community & practice is, especially during times of uncertainty so will do our best to keen our community connected. Our teacher are kindly preparing some online classes so you don’t miss out. Keep your eyes pealed as links will follow soon. We will of course refund any classes already purchased or if you’d prefer to reschedule once things are restored back to normality. . . We would like to remind you that whilst group activities are being suspended, we will continue to offer 1-2-1 therapies. This is because we can contain a more controlled and sanitised environment. Also, very importantly because most of our treatments aim at keeping your body in top form and support immunity defences. From reflexology, to shiatsu, to manual lymphatic drainage to osteopathy, they all can work specifically to boost your self immunities and take down a few notches of stress… and we all know what that does. . . Here is the first class suggested by our dearest Kundalini Yoga teacher @siri_atma . In preparation for his own classes online, here a link to an amazing immunity boosting class chosen personally by him for you all. . Link in bio 🙏🏽 . . #staysafe #community #kundaliniyoga #connection

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Others are still open, but with reduced hours and offering perks to their loyal customer base in the hope they’ll be able to collect it once the Coronavirus is contained.

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😍🥰😊DELIVERY AND COLLECTION 👨‍🍳👩🏻‍🍳😉. From tomorrow we are opening at 9am and close at 5pm Tuesday to Sunday, serving coffees, cakes, salads, specials and all our menu 💜. . . . . Hey folks! As you can imagine, with the virus going around and the new advice to stay home, little businesses like ours are having a tough time staying afloat. So, we decided from today to offer gift certificates to reclaim when life will be back as normal (and it will 😉 ). We’ve appreciated your help throughout all these years — we would have never been where we are now without you. So, we’re asking for your help one more time 💚 just send us an email at and we’ll arrange the gift certificate for you! Also, check our stories and let us know what you think about our delivery idea around Hackney! If you fancy order in and or collect from us please send us an email – you can order until 8pm the day before for delivery/collection the day after. We WANT to stay independent and will make the delivery ourselves. Take care of yourselves and your community 💚💚. Lots of love from all of us (some of our lovely ladies are missing in the picture but they are all sending their love too!). Xx . . . . . . #london #londonfoodie #foodstagram #londoneats #leleslondon #powerplant #veganofig #veganpower #vegan #veganfood #veganLondon #veganshare #whatveganseat #veganbaking #vegansofldn #govegan #vegancafe #cruetlyfree #veganuk #veganfoodlovers #veganfoodshare #eatyourveggies #eatyourgreens #glutenfreevegan @vegansofldn @thevegansclub @veganshares @happycow #eatinseason @breakfastlondon #weekendvibes #seasonalfood #independentbusiness #shoplocal #supportsmallbusiness

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What You Can Do To Help Small Businesses

This is an unprecedented situation. Nobody really knows how to deal with it, and small businesses will be really struggling. Here’s how you can help studios, teachers and performers.

  1. If you can, don’t ask for a refund. Most studios will be able to freeze your memberships, so hopefully that way when it all resumes, you can pick it back up. Most events will hopefully run after the Coronavirus outbreak, and allowing small businesses to keep your money might save them some hardship.
  2. If you can, pay your teachers for a private class of whatever you want to focus on that can be done from home. If not, there are small ways of donating – through Ko-Fi, PayPal and the like, that will be helpful, even a little bit, during this Coronavirus mess.
  3. Be kind. Nobody knows what’s happening. We don’t need angry tantrums because your £10 ticket to a club night isn’t being refunded in one day.
  4. Check in on your favorite performers, teachers, sex workers, friends. Even a social media DM can mean the world.
  5. Share any initiative individuals will be taking part in during the Coronavirus outbreak, especially if it helps them make money.
  6. Sign this petition to help all self-employed people working in our industries in the hope the government provides better support for us.

In short, Coronavirus has changed the way we live – and this is a horrible time for everyone. Because of the latest government guidelines with regards to travel during the Coronavirus pandemic, my partner and I are working from home in our respective cities which means I do not know when I will see him next. I am heartbroken, my anxiety that I had worked so hard to contain has been reignited by the situation. I feel lost and scared – a feeling that adds to the general economic uncertainty that many small businesses and self-employed people will be feeling during the pandemic.

I hope this post helps someone, and I’m incredibly grateful for all the outpouring of love and support I’ve received. Let’s make sure Coronavirus doesn’t kill that love, or creativity, or all the hard work performers, sex workers, pole dancers, studios and small businesses have put into themselves and their brand. Love to you all x

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