Rebecca Crow Is Taking Instagram To Court – And She Needs Your Help

The legend that is Rebecca Crow wants to take Instagram to court, and she’s launching a crowdfunding campaign to do so. Here’s what you need to know and how you can help.

Rebecca’s Insta-Banned Campaign

In her latest Insta-Banned campaign video, Rebecca – aka @katsandcrows and, now that IG deleted her 713k follower account for the seventh time, @riotsandcrows – is launching a CrowdJustice campaign to raise legal fees to challenge the social influence giant. Why?

Rebecca has spent almost a year speaking to people affected by Instagram’s double standards. Through her video and her work, she presents concerning examples of what some of Instagram and Facebook’s employees are doing to get users’ accounts back – as recently reported by Vice.

Who Is Rebecca Crow?

Rebecca has been a recognisable face in the Sex Workers rights movement. She’s a model, performer and sex worker activist who led two protests outside Instagram’s HQ in London. I met her at the latest one she organised in January, when Instagram refused to meet with us.

Why Insta-Banned Matters

Despite a variety of media covering the stories of individuals being wrongly deactivated by Instagram, for things such as having bodies with healed self-harm scars or speaking out about their disabilities, the platform continue to push the narrative that these practices are non-existent or at the least not harmful. This is not true – especially since they apologised to yours truly and the pole dance community about them over the summer!

Rebecca says:

“Social media has huge influence on our society and every person should have the fair opportunity to represent themselves on Instagram without fear of punishment when they choose to empower themselves in ways that the company policy makers see as ‘undesirable.’”

Rebecca Crow

She adds:

“When I speak to people about the affect that being ignored by Instagram helpdesks, having their posts and accounts deleted and living in fear of having their hardwork and memories erased, they speak as if they have suffered abuse. It breaks my heart.”

Rebecca Crow

Rebecca will be represented by Myles Jackman, known as The Obscenity Lawyer. He says: “Instagram’s two tier banning system needs legitimate legal scrutiny and Rebecca’s campaign is designed to provide that on behalf of users everywhere. Please donate today.”

You can donate to Rebecca’s campaign here.

You don’t need to donate much – because of my current situation I could only pledge £5 – but if we all do that, we can help Rebecca in a fight that affects all of us. She’s working to help us have fairer moderation, and you should really back her on this, because it will help you too.

Follow Insta-Banned on Twitter here and on Instagram below [this is a short version of the video shared above]:

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