How to make the most out of pole dance private classes

This year I’ve taught a lot of offline and online private classes to pole dancers. In this quick post, I share my tips to help students make the most out of them.

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1️⃣ Know what you want to learn in your private

I’m teaching lots of different privates: sometimes I make up a choreography with a song requested by a student, other times I teach technique from scratch, other times I focus on bits that students are struggling with. Either way, tell the instructor you’re booking with what you want to learn in advance so that they can prepare and give you your money’s worth.

2️⃣ Familiarise yourself with the instructor / dancer’s style before the private

The majority of students who book private classes with me either follow me on social media or, even more often, they have come to one of my online or offline group classes. This is helpful because, after learning a choreo, they remember the bits that they find most challenging and we can then work on them together in the 1-1. Your body and skill level will react different to another dancer’s choreography, no matter your level, so being familiar with their style can be massively helpful to find specific things you can improve.

3️⃣ Rehearse what you learnt before the next class

If you have booked a couple of private classes, try and rehearse what you learnt if you can, so that you remember if there’s anything you need more information on or help with in time for the next class.

4️⃣ Don’t be afraid to ask questions

There are no silly questions in dance classes. My most inquisitive students are the ones that learn faster, because by listening to their struggles I can identify the gaps in their knowledge and tackle them.

5️⃣ Have fun with what you’ve learnt!

If you’ve booked a private class with me, I recommend trying a group class afterwards (the ones I teach with Exotica Poledance are pole choreo and tricks, and sometimes I teach twerk workshops) to see how fast you can progress with a bit of extra attention.

Thank you so much to everyone that has booked private classes with me 🙏🏼 It’s fantastic to teach you, to get to know you better and to dance with you, and I’m super grateful for your support. Email me or DM for rates and to book – I’m getting quite booked up so please do tell me a bit in advance if you want to do a 1-1!

Find out more about my teaching here.

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